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  1. If i would get sufficient time, definitely i will give try for your request, Seeing your request i had made three sample with in a hour, I will try to make the final version much better than this, I hope you will get the general idea of Final Terminator Salvation Bootscreen. I know it's not too good, but till then you can use it. Hope so you will like it. Or ==>.
  2. Mystery_Mask_Bootscreen. Or click this Image. Enjoy!!!.
  3. Downlaoding Link added for Third Bootscreen. Link. Enjoy!!! :thumbsup_anim:
  4. I have tested it with my updated antivirus and there are no such warnings.
  5. Welcome to the forum. :thumbsup_anim:
  6. You need the following programs to download a flash game and save it as exe file: Download Flash2X Flash Hunter. Download Flash2X EXE Packager. Download Flash2X Flash Player. Flash2X Flash Hunter is able to download flash games as SWF files and save them on your computer. SWF is flash file which can be played with Flash2X Flash Player.
  7. Seventh Bootscreen :- Or Click this Image. This pack contains Preview of Two Final version screenshots+ Bootscreens (One with reflection & other simple.)+ Ntoskrnl.exe (for unattended disk) + Tuneup Utilities version. Download Bootscreen. 1.41 MB. d56e74c16295464195d40eea8a689de2. Enjoy!!! :thumbsup_anim:
  8. Third Bootscreens Quality improved to 20 %. Screenshot of preview changed to New one. Hence Downloading Link of New Improved Bootscreen Will be get added within few hours after final testing. Thanks. Edit : - Link added.
  9. Sixth One :- As in second last i promised to post Fourth Bootscreen will be Coloured one so here it is, This Coloured one will have same Quality (85%) as in preview.
  10. Fourth Bootscreen. Or Click this Image. Are you Liking them. Today i will add same another Bootscreen but Coloured one.
  11. Sure i will try to keep this topic alive and will update regularly, Ofcourse with all your support, Some more Amazing Bootscreens to come. Thanks
  12. Ok, Now Third Bootscreen. I am Sure you will like it, as it looks Stunning while booting. As i promised daily i will try to update many Bootscreens. If you like it let me know. Thanks. Or Click this to View in Fullscreen http://rapidshare.com/files/248447590/Inne...oskrnl_Mani.exe Enjoy!!! Note :- Please Rename the file to Ntoskrnl.exe before Replacing.
  13. It's Definitely First one. But i personally totally agree with Ricktendo64 and Snakecracker for Blue colour. The Blue colours looks very cool and also good for eyesight viewing.
  14. Ok My Second Bootscreens for those who are using Xptsp Green Edition or those who are using Green themes. I hope you will like it. Or Click this to see in full size. Download In Ntoskrnl Format. Edit:- Will update the Link for Both Tuneup-Utilities and Ntoskrnl Version as soon as possible.
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