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  1. well, thanks for the help guys. I think I've found the problem. The SFX wasn't extracting to a TEMP folder so I guess the SFX exe didn't keep running after extracting. That way the XP install believes the install has finished thus rebooting the PC. I guess that if I choose to extract to a TEMP folder the SFX will extract and wait for the install to finish to delete the temporary files. Therefore, the install won't reboot the PC until the installation is finished. This is my theory haha. After some more testing I guess I'll found out if I'm right. And the dependencies problem I've solved it by
  2. yes, using Autoit is a good idea but that doesn't stop Win XP installation from rebooting :S That's the main problem here, win Xp reboots too early. I need to generate some sort of delay.
  3. What I did is a RarSFX with the MS office files and once it extracts it executes "setup.exe /config config.xml" as stated in this topic: http://www.wincert.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=3717 The installer actually works because I've tried it with XP running. The thing is that when XP is installing it doesn't give the office installer enought time to finish. Yes, RunOnce is an option. But I wanted to have everything installed once XP boots for the first time.
  4. Hi. I've made a Microsoft Office 2007 addon but the problem is it doesn't finish installing when windows is installing. My guess is that the win XP installation reboots the pc before the Microsoft Office intallation finish. Once win is installed I can see the folders from Office in the "program files" folder but the installation isn't complete (the icons in the start menu weren't installed for example). Does anyone knows a way of telling the install cd "do not reboot until...." ? The same could happen with other program dependencies. For example, if my program A dependes of program B, I'm for
  5. Doesn't work for me. FGCBA returns critical errores. There's an unexistent section in the inf: "@everest_cpl.cpl". Also, if I remove that section from CopyFiles it returns other critical errors. I'm trying it out with Win XP SP3 but in Spanish. Does the language have something to do? Thanks.
  6. re up re up! EDIT: Found it! http://www.hr-host.com/wincert/Kal/Kal_Can..._Addon_1.2.3.7z
  7. Ok. Al final no voy a integrar el COMODO porque me resulta algo problematico. Ademas todavia no estoy muy seguro de que integrar y que no. Si el dia de ma
  8. Bueno, hice un addon para el BSPlayer por el metodo inf y no tuve problemas Tambien hice uno para el NOD32 del tipo svpack y una "medicina" para el nod con el AutoIT. Tus tutoriales estan 10 puntos. Mas claros imposible. Muchas gracias!
  9. Ok. Hoy estuve experimentando y viene bien la cosa jeje. Ya que estoy, como hiciste para generar el addon del comodo firewall?. Es que quiero hacerlo y no puedo descargar la version vieja que vos habias hecho (para ver como lo habias hecho nomas). El .exe no tiene silent switches asi que, o lo hago con un INF, o lo hago con AutoIT. Con un INF me parece demasiado complicado por la naturaleza del programa (se integra mucho a SO). Asi que tal vez lo haga con AutoIT. Aunque no me gusta nada que durante la instalacion de windows aparescan instaladores que se abren y se cierran jaja. Saludos.
  10. Bueno gracias. Es mas facil de lo que pensaba, aunque algo laborioso. Tengo una pregunta: Como hago para crear un shortcut con pasaje de parametro?. Por ejemplo, yo quiero que mi acceso directo ejecute la siguiente sentencia: "C:\Archivos de programa\Webteh\BSplayerPro\bsplayer.exe" -capture Yo, en el inf deberia poner: CmdLine =16422,Webteh\BSplayerPro,bsplayer.exe -capture Es correcto esto?. Puede funcionar?. Gracias
  11. Si, lo manejo a la perfeccion :icon_cool:
  12. Hola a todos. Estuve intentando hacer un addon del Everest pero no consigo hacer lo que yo necesito. El addon en s
  13. Does this support english language?. Is there any way to translate it?. Thanks.
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