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  1. Yes it says en-us is current language. I'm integrating the local pack at T13 of windows installation. How can I force the integrated sidebar to install el-gr? Or is there any change to have both languages? For example if I login in english account (windows dialog settings to english) have english sidebar and in greek account greek dialogs and sidebar, can you give me some direction to try making it?(I know I'm asking a lot,tell me please only if u have something on your mind I don't want to push you to find a solution). Thank you
  2. Hello I'm installing win xp english with greek localpack(I select for default lang greek). One of your older versions kept the greek language in sidebar when i was logging in greek account(I've lost it!! can't remember which version was) now it keeps the english version. Can you fix it?
  3. I've send you an emai because it says than you can accept pm. Please check it :welcome:
  4. I'll appreciate that if you could give this to me. My windows 7 are x64 in English with Greek language pack I think that I could use them.
  5. If there is no language pack(The one I have translates windows in Greek but not the media center app)What could I do to translate it? If I modify the .dll files will that work after integration? If these are taken directly from your addon?
  6. I have the same problem also using 4.1.0 version of the update pack. I've checked microsoft site and it says if windows installer service is running that means that you have corrupted windows installer 4.5 and recommends to reinstall it... Please check it if you can.
  7. Can you help me I cannot understand the Italian guide. Is it the classic method that we integrate updates using /integrate switch or something else? Can somebody transalate it in Engilsh? Google chrome does the half work.....
  8. Will this work with windows live essentials 2011 final? Can you add the option to create silent installer?
  9. Oh that's an old topic... Anyway hope to help somebody :P
  10. Is this 2011 version? Edit:This link does not work can you upload it somewhere like rapidshare? Edit 2:Found these links for windows essentials 2011 FINAL: English http://g.live.com/1rewlive4-web/en/wlsetup-web.exe http://g.live.com/1rewlive4-all/en/wlsetup-all.exe Czech http://g.live.com/1rewlive4-web/cs/wlsetup-web.exe http://g.live.com/1rewlive4-all/cs/wlsetup-all.exe Danish http://g.live.com/1rewlive4-web/da/wlsetup-web.exe http://g.live.com/1rewlive4-all/da/wlsetup-all.exe German http://g.live.com/1rewlive4-web/de/wlsetup-web.exe http://g.live.com/1rewlive4-all/de/wlsetup-all.exe Estonian http://g.live.com/1rewlive4-web/et/wlsetup-web.exe http://g.live.com/1rewlive4-all/et/wlsetup-all.exe Spanish http://g.live.com/1rewlive4-web/es/wlsetup-web.exe http://g.live.com/1rewlive4-all/es/wlsetup-all.exe French http://g.live.com/1rewlive4-web/fr/wlsetup-web.exe http://g.live.com/1rewlive4-all/fr/wlsetup-all.exe Croatian http://g.live.com/1rewlive4-web/hr/wlsetup-web.exe http://g.live.com/1rewlive4-all/hr/wlsetup-all.exe Italian http://g.live.com/1rewlive4-web/it/wlsetup-web.exe http://g.live.com/1rewlive4-all/it/wlsetup-all.exe Latvian http://g.live.com/1rewlive4-web/lv/wlsetup-web.exe http://g.live.com/1rewlive4-all/lv/wlsetup-all.exe Lithuanian http://g.live.com/1rewlive4-web/lt/wlsetup-web.exe http://g.live.com/1rewlive4-all/lt/wlsetup-all.exe Hungarian http://g.live.com/1rewlive4-web/hu/wlsetup-web.exe http://g.live.com/1rewlive4-all/hu/wlsetup-all.exe Dutch http://g.live.com/1rewlive4-web/nl/wlsetup-web.exe http://g.live.com/1rewlive4-all/nl/wlsetup-all.exe Norwegian http://g.live.com/1rewlive4-web/no/wlsetup-web.exe http://g.live.com/1rewlive4-all/no/wlsetup-all.exe Polish http://g.live.com/1rewlive4-web/pl/wlsetup-web.exe http://g.live.com/1rewlive4-all/pl/wlsetup-all.exe Portuguese http://g.live.com/1rewlive4-web/pt-pt/wlsetup-web.exe http://g.live.com/1rewlive4-all/pt-pt/wlsetup-all.exe Brazilian Portuguese http://g.live.com/1rewlive4-web/pt-br/wlsetup-web.exe http://g.live.com/1rewlive4-all/pt-br/wlsetup-all.exe Romanian http://g.live.com/1rewlive4-web/ro/wlsetup-web.exe http://g.live.com/1rewlive4-all/ro/wlsetup-all.exe Slovenian http://g.live.com/1rewlive4-web/sl/wlsetup-web.exe http://g.live.com/1rewlive4-all/sl/wlsetup-all.exe Slovak http://g.live.com/1rewlive4-web/sk/wlsetup-web.exe http://g.live.com/1rewlive4-all/sk/wlsetup-all.exe Serbian http://g.live.com/1rewlive4-web/sr-latn-cs/wlsetup-web.exe http://g.live.com/1rewlive4-all/sr-latn-cs/wlsetup-all.exe Finnish http://g.live.com/1rewlive4-web/fi/wlsetup-web.exe http://g.live.com/1rewlive4-all/fi/wlsetup-all.exe Swedish http://g.live.com/1rewlive4-web/sv/wlsetup-web.exe http://g.live.com/1rewlive4-all/sv/wlsetup-all.exe Turkish http://g.live.com/1rewlive4-web/tr/wlsetup-web.exe http://g.live.com/1rewlive4-all/tr/wlsetup-all.exe Greek http://g.live.com/1rewlive4-web/el/wlsetup-web.exe http://g.live.com/1rewlive4-all/el/wlsetup-all.exe Bulgarian http://g.live.com/1rewlive4-web/bg/wlsetup-web.exe http://g.live.com/1rewlive4-all/bg/wlsetup-all.exe Russian http://g.live.com/1rewlive4-web/ru/wlsetup-web.exe http://g.live.com/1rewlive4-all/ru/wlsetup-all.exe Ukrainian http://g.live.com/1rewlive4-web/uk/wlsetup-web.exe http://g.live.com/1rewlive4-all/uk/wlsetup-all.exe Hebrew http://g.live.com/1rewlive4-web/he/wlsetup-web.exe http://g.live.com/1rewlive4-all/he/wlsetup-all.exe Arabic http://g.live.com/1rewlive4-web/ar/wlsetup-web.exe http://g.live.com/1rewlive4-all/ar/wlsetup-all.exe Thai http://g.live.com/1rewlive4-web/th/wlsetup-web.exe http://g.live.com/1rewlive4-all/th/wlsetup-all.exe Korean http://g.live.com/1rewlive4-web/ko/wlsetup-web.exe http://g.live.com/1rewlive4-all/ko/wlsetup-all.exe Simplified Chinese http://g.live.com/1rewlive4-web/zh-cn/wlsetup-web.exe http://g.live.com/1rewlive4-all/zh-cn/wlsetup-all.exe Traditional Chinese http://g.live.com/1rewlive4-web/zh-tw/wlsetup-web.exe http://g.live.com/1rewlive4-all/zh-tw/wlsetup-all.exe Japanese http://g.live.com/1rewlive4-web/ja/wlsetup-web.exe http://g.live.com/1rewlive4-all/ja/wlsetup-all.exe Indonesia http://g.live.com/1rewlive4-web/id/wlsetup-web.exe http://g.live.com/1rewlive4-all/id/wlsetup-all.exe Malay http://g.live.com/1rewlive4-web/ms/wlsetup-web.exe http://g.live.com/1rewlive4-all/ms/wlsetup-all.exe Catalan http://g.live.com/1rewlive4-web/ca/wlsetup-web.exe http://g.live.com/1rewlive4-all/ca/wlsetup-all.exe Basque http://g.live.com/1rewlive4-web/eu/wlsetup-web.exe http://g.live.com/1rewlive4-all/eu/wlsetup-all.exe Vietnamese http://g.live.com/1rewlive4-web/vi/wlsetup-web.exe http://g.live.com/1rewlive4-all/vi/wlsetup-all.exe Serbian Cyrillic http://g.live.com/1rewlive4-web/sr-cyrl-cs/wlsetup-web.exe http://g.live.com/1rewlive4-all/sr-cyrl-cs/wlsetup-all.exe Marathi http://g.live.com/1rewlive4-web/mr/wlsetup-web.exe http://g.live.com/1rewlive4-all/mr/wlsetup-all.exe Hindi http://g.live.com/1rewlive4-web/hi/wlsetup-web.exe http://g.live.com/1rewlive4-all/hi/wlsetup-all.exe Gujarati http://g.live.com/1rewlive4-web/gu/wlsetup-web.exe http://g.live.com/1rewlive4-all/gu/wlsetup-all.exe Tamil http://g.live.com/1rewlive4-web/ta/wlsetup-web.exe http://g.live.com/1rewlive4-all/ta/wlsetup-all.exe Telugu http://g.live.com/1rewlive4-web/te/wlsetup-web.exe http://g.live.com/1rewlive4-all/te/wlsetup-all.exe Kannada http://g.live.com/1rewlive4-web/kn/wlsetup-web.exe http://g.live.com/1rewlive4-all/kn/wlsetup-all.exe Malayalam http://g.live.com/1rewlive4-web/ml-in/wlsetup-web.exe http://g.live.com/1rewlive4-all/ml-in/wlsetup-all.exe
  11. Thank you it works on xp sp3. Can you upload the x64 version of this addon?
  12. Does winrar has this option? Great that's what I was looking for.
  13. I always disable uac. The specific application does not work if I won't right click and select "run as administrator" even if I had it disabled. I suppose that it won't work if I just make it run silently. It just requires admin rights.
  14. I'm trying to install AveFolderBG for Windows 7 during unattended installation of windows. The problem is that I can't run it with admin rights just like it shown in directions... How can I run it with admin rights using a silent installer?
  15. Does it changes its file version every time that windows Xp get updated? Do we have to use a newer modification of this file for using it with sp3 and all the latest updates?
  16. Still need help about disabling manually wim filter. Can anyone help?
  17. Then I'll try to remove or close wim filter completely. Does waik install it by default? Happy to know these secrets first
  18. I do not use vlite and wim filter maybe is closed (your toolkit asked me to close it the first time I run it). I've Installed Microsoft Windows AIK... does this cause any problems? Q:how can I check and close it in case that's open?
  19. Thank you but it doesn't integrate them. I tested this version.
  20. Hope that it helps. No problem
  21. After that it check the updates & results in "0 updates added"
  22. Yes of course it ask .msu files. I've extracted this. Aslo I've tried to select all of them & one of them. It didn't work...
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