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  1. I'm running on x64, trying to integrate x86 updates on x86 image. I'm using the latest version. I've downloaded from http://solor.windowsdream.com/Windows.7/Hotfixes/ the x86-10.06.2010.zip. I'll try to provide a video link.
  2. I'm running win 7 x64 and trying to integrate on x86 disk. My windows update files are x86 version if you mean this.. Edit: both ultimate edition
  3. Hello I'm trying to add windows updates using update integrator tool but it does not working. I press the add updates button I selected the .msu files from the directory but it ends up with the message 0 updates added. Can you help me?
  4. I have got a "Windows XP sp2 MCE 2005" disc. Can this tool update this disk to sp3 with ought downgrading the Media center version?(after updating it to sp3 with nlite it downgrades this from 3.0 to 2.8). Does this tool keep the version 3.0 of media center?
  5. Great!!! When is it going to be realeased? I can'n wait please sent us just a beta .avi. I'd like to integrate it with resource hacker. No problem for me
  6. I like the new look but not the new ehshell.exe icon on the taskbar. The old is perfect for me. Thank you.
  7. I'd really like to keep the original executable quadrangle icon that Xp media center has. Can I make that by using simply resource hacker or it will break during unattended installation of windows?
  8. For Greek version it needs also wincon.lng (don't really know I think that it translates context menu items) and uninstall.lng entries worked typed as below: [SourceDisksFiles] ;FixRick by Germangelv Default.SFX =1 rar.lng =1 rarext.lng =1 uninstal.lng=1 winrar.lng =1 wincon.lng =1 [WinRAR.Files] ;FixRick by Germangelv rar.lng rarext.lng uninstal.lng,uninstall.lng winrar.lng wincon.lng Can you help me to add these entries(I don't know how to type them in winrar.inf); [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\WinRAR\Setup] "CascadedMenu"=dword:00000001
  9. Please can you help me to keep these settings after unattended installation? edit: found this key:HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Toolbar and was looking into subfolders. If I integrate these settings will that work?
  10. I cannot understand... .inf should be replaced after integration on cd or somewhere on %windir%'s folders after integrated windows installation? If it is after can we do it during T-12 stage OR using $oem$ folders? The installer doesn't seem to work... unfortunately. Edit: Before nlite I used Rvmi integrator for updates and checked optimize my system files option. That means that syssetup.inf was cab compressed before away mode integration. Please check the attached file, is digital signature broken? syssetup.zip
  11. Can you tell me please if there is any way that I can apply my custom desktop icon package silently during windows installation?
  12. I've made an installation with v 3.3.0 of your update pack and the latest silverlight fix(http://support.microsoft.com/kb/979202) fails to install. I had to uninstall completely sylverlight and install it again using installer. After that the latest update stopped returning Message ID: 1625 error. Can you fix it on your next version?
  13. For current user sounds good if it creates only the default profile for any user that created in during unattended installation and for any user that would be created after. Thanks for instant response. Edit: I rechecked that, I've created new user and It keeps all settings themes and extensions. It did not make firefox default but it is ok for me.
  14. Does this cause the same problem if I install KB902437 after installation or at t12 or during runonce? Edit: Found this: http://rapidshare.com/files/336735346/AwayMode-KB902437-ENU.exe and /quiet or /passive can be used. But cannot install it on xp live system thats integrated with media center addon... Your addon works great anyway. That's pity...
  15. The latest version works perfectly for 3.0.17 thanks. The preferences and themes in all versions doesn't work when I'm making an unattended installation of xp, they work only if I use the same user name. Can you add an option that creates these settings for any user that it is created on your next version?
  16. Didn't try yet but I was all afternoon trying to find these request only hotfixes and don't really know if I make it. Thanks a for the information. I'll keep collecting the rest of the updates until then. Requested only updates on microsoft site is not always availiable for greek version and makes it more difficult to make it. Can we just remove the entries manually for the hotfixes we did not find? (I don't really know if you told me the same above) Or add the new entries manually?
  17. I can't find the greek version of KB951159 to make the updatepack for the addon neither an international or the english version. I also found KB938759 in english only for server 2003 and this is its filename: WindowsServer2003-KB938759-v4-x86-ENU.exe If some updates are missed will this tool work? Or can you me please to find these? Edit: Which version of your update pack does this make? Which one should I check? Can you update us in first post which addons version does it support for Internet explorer 8 and wmp 11? KB951159 ima.zip
  18. You where right rick I should not remove windows messenger 6. It worked perfectly this time!!! Thanks rick you saved my favorite operating system!!! After SP3 I thought it gone for ever.... I used the same nlite session and a 2nd to integrate mce addon, My mistake was that i removed it before using rvm integrator. It would be best if I could integrate all addons and not extract them all to use silent installers from runoce and cmdlines.txt but your addon gets easily break sometimes... Please let me know if have anything to suggest. Thanks again great work
  19. This my nlite session after that I integrate media center addon. It works with less addons or programs. I'm just trying to understand why it breaks when I'm using more addons. Using nlite only never worked with more applications. ALL pro.rar
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