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  1. @ LeGendxp: Well... I tried... 16 colors isn't much to work with lol... So I ended up with this: You can use the LBS patcher to easily change it Here you can download the bitmaps (extract with 7zip). Otherwise you'll have to hexedit each of the 4 kernels with the colorpallet of the .bmp's yourself and add the .bmp's (background + progress bar) to all of the kernels in your XP CD Source. Two kernels in the I386 folder and four in the Driver.cab file. Hope you like, Kirs
  2. Thats true, but luckily you can change the settings and use any keys you want
  3. has made some new XP Bootscreens :D

  4. Made some other new bootscreens, here's a few of them: Download: Kawasaki_boot Download: Darth vader_boot Download: BSOD_boot The rest can be found here :welcome:
  5. Found this and thought I'd share it with you It's a freeware version of a fake Guiter Hero for the PC. You can download and add songs, or make them yourself. You can find it here Enjoy! :welcome:
  6. I tried and ended up with this: Download Se7en Energize {Art by UtCollector} Download Grey Vista {Art by killer7ben} :welcome:
  7. Hoi! Heb wat custom bootscreens gemaakt en wou die met jullie delen Download Windmills_boot Ook nog eentje met tulpen?? lol Download Simpsons Z_boot Download Lamborghini_boot Download Yoda_boot Hier staan er nog meer... Groetjes!!
  8. Hi! Here are some custom bootscreens I made from images I found, hope you'll enjoy them. To see a bigger version of them, just click on the images. The download links are below. Download Simpsons Z_boot Download Lamborghini_boot Download Bart Simpson_boot Download Yoda_boot Download Goku_boot Download horse_boot More bootscreens can be found here Greetz!
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