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  1. I noticed that "drive meter" gadget sometimes blocks my computer. It takes about 70% of my CPU but there is no visible malfunction on that gadget (sometimes it get white on borders ). So I just turn it off and back on and it works for a few days like a charm .
  2. Thnx N1K :worthy: . Now what??? I'v extracted all files and ....where do I put them, how do I install them? :sigh:
  3. Hey guys any luck finding Hotfix extractor??? I'm still unable to find a way to install cab file in vista :sad01_anim: . Any help appreciated.
  4. So here in update on DreamScape :w00t: . Just install it and it works like a charm. Even if it depends on DreamScene it is not so consuming like DreamScene. Defender was scaning my system with DreamScape enabled and max cpu load was 35%. When it was done scanning it was from 0-5% . With DreamScene desktop (without any other programs running) it never fell below 30% :wacko: . Well I just tried one scene (the one that came with instalation) but I imagine that this is some improvement over DreamScene. Is there any luck finding that flip3D that N1K posted in the first post :crying_anim02: ? Regards.
  5. I tried to Google for extractor but no luck. Any directions... ? Thnx.
  6. Thnx m8. I'm just downloading it. How to install cab file in Vista ?? CYGNUS: Thnx for offering I'v download it from ricktendo64 link :welcome: . Regards.
  7. So do you have Texas Holdem for Vista?? If you do can you please upload it somewhere, it takes forever to download it from "Automatic Updates" ! Thnx.
  8. That piece of software is ONLY for Vista Ultimate WITH DreamScene. I've juste download it because it's free but I didn't test it yet. As far as I know this is just for animated backgrounds, not for flip3D N1K mentioned . Although, DreamScene takes a lot of resources and offers very little (if you have animated scene that is not adjusted for looping you could have your nerves pop out cause you will see blink every time scene starts from begining :wacko: ). I hope that Dream is not so resource consuming even if it depends on DreamScene.
  9. Here is nice piece of software I've found that will make your XP look like Vista. No, it is not customization pack but rather add-on. With THIS you can have Flip3D in XP and with THIS you can have thumbnails preview for your open applications in tray. Hell, if you install Object desktop and some Vista skins no one will ever know that you are running XP instead of Vista . Regards.
  10. I'm using WindowBlinds and "VistaXP - Black Normal BETA 1" skin. On sidebar, skin is "Blackest by Illusion456/crackerjo1".
  11. He, he...if we ever meet in UT, you gonna change your nickname. :crazy:
  12. Here is my desktop :thumbsup_anim: : and of course second with beautyfull wall from WolfX2:
  13. Hey WolfX2 check my little remake. I have two monitors at home so I put your wallpaper on my no1 and now I needed something different for no2 monitor so I gave myself some work. What do you think? Now just to learn to add some glass (aka mirror) efect :sweatingbullets: . Regards.
  14. Hey guys as I promised I uploaded some pics. You can see it in my original post. What do you think?
  15. :eek: THIS IS GREAT :eek: WolfX2 thnx a lot m8. Respect.
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