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  1. Welcome to 4GHz club :thumbsup_anim: Testing with LINX 20 loops is strongly recommended to be sure, that Your OC is stable :icon_cool:
  2. Version 1.3 works perfectly :thumbsup_anim: Thanks! Just 1 thing I don't like in XP Home:
  3. New Year is a time for celebration of love, of life, of Friendship. It's the time to thank God for wonderful friends, and to bring to their lives as much magic as they bring to ours... So here's celebrating our Friendship and praying that its magic continues forever. Happy New Year! :beerchug: :welcome:
  4. If people use CPUZ/GPUZ/HWMonitor, premium stability test is very good companion. This test can test hardware at it's maximum.
  5. Thanks Kel for Your wonderful CPL collection. :thumbsup_anim: :worthy: I mostly use CPUZ GPUZ HWMonitor HDTune Memtest User Accounts 2 BootVis ( actual until SSD becomes mainstream ). But Is really miss 1 tool in this pack. It's memory/cpu/cooling stability and performance test based on Intel linpack called LinX. http://files.people.overclockers.ru/Dualist/LinX.7z to activate English language , delete or rename local.lng
  6. Thanks for shootout number 18 Last working beta for My XP compilations was beta 15. Let's test new beta 18
  7. I found cause of failure! b16 is breaking, if Windows Update is removed. b02-b15 working OK without WU. ps. I'm working almost every day in nLite since year 2004
  8. as far as I found, there is some incompatibality with NLite component removal. no tweaks or addons are causing failure
  9. IE7 integration is causing serious problems for my installs.
  10. I'm stick with this project every day since version 02 As I said before, I'll find reason of failure.
  11. nope. no IE7. no IE at all today later i'll try to find out, what is causing trouble.
  12. I'm editing alot of files Here it is in short 1.Integrate SP3 2.Integrate RVM Post SP3 pack and WMP11 ith RVM Integrator 3.nLite BIG JOB integrating/removal/tweaking 4.last step in RVM integrator : switcless installers/Lucida Font fix/text mode setup speedup/XPtsp I guess, there is problem in batch, when it cant find some file and terminate.
  13. :help: I have problem with addon versions 15a and 16. :help: They seems to interrupt progress at step where usually start patching files in drivers.cab. version 15 works fine.
  14. version 13 is very close to perfect if not flawless! display properties tabs appearance is AWESOME!!! I'm working hard with PC's from 1992 and it was my 1st real WOW to this section. :thumbsup_anim: p.s. in display properties , left monitor is like ViewSonic, but monitor in right side is like Macintosh p.s. those ugly-blurry shortcut arrows is still here if I use large icon size. In very first versions of xptsp they were displayed correctly in high resoluion.
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