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  1. Hi, Lego thanks for this great tool first, for version 5.5 b14 it always had error "can't connect to wincert" and i only see 2 tabs solar updates and downloads for version 9 1- for the component remover i wish it have more components and more details about every component 2- i want more tweaks other suggest can windows 7 toolkit work with windows 7 embedded wim file and add packages to it and customize the wim to work with windows 7 ultimate installer it would be great as windows embedded 7 is mush customizable and cab be built from scratch with desired packages and needs
  2. Hi Lego any news about component removals I have been waiting for it for about 4 months now any news about it is it in progress or it been canceled
  3. Great Work Lego But i'm still waiting for the component removals hope you finish it soon
  4. Great news I was waitting for component removals W7T will be the best tool for customizing windows 7
  5. Very good work Lego But i want some more why don't you add the option to remove packages from wim like vlite as vlite is not working with windows 7 like vista and nuhi is not releasing any new version that support windows 7 and there is no new posts from him for along time I hope you do it it will be great I also hope that you understand my bad English
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