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  1. K00l mate, but you don't wanna know what I'm doing when I'm bored, trust me on this...
  2. I'm sticking with FF, thank you very much :welcome:
  3. I'm going to spam even more :clap:
  4. May I just add that new members should check their Bulk folder if they are using a yahoo e-mail to register.
  5. Apparently build 5744 was online for download for a short period of time. Will it make it to the CPP'ers or there's another build coming up?
  6. Tried it this morning, it was no go...
  7. I second Cygnus because of what ricktendo64 said...
  8. nitroshift


    Hello people, just dropped to say hi and share some knowledge. nitro
  9. At first I thought about sucking and nibbling away on some nice feminine nipples.... Actually it sounds better, don't you agree?
  10. I second that, especially titties :clap:
  11. Well, either that or do what I did at work: took the recycle bin, labeled it "Inbox" and put it on my desk :lol:
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