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  1. Now also works my uppdatepack without problems. Many thanks for the help.
  2. Hello, I have trouble understanding how to create a OnePiece XP Post-SP3 AIO Update Pack. I have made so many attempts to get a Swedish update pack without any functional results. Would it be too much to ask if anyone wants to make an instructional film. I have downloaded the latest DX's Universal Update Pack / Addon Creator but I fail anyway. Please help me. I have written before, but I can not for the firm for instructions. Am sure I have missed something rose from zero. Excuse me. I thank you for all the help I can get from you in the forum. Thanks in advance
  3. Have tried it works great. Thank you again. My switch is sv-SE for Swedish mseinstall_x86_x64_Intl_March_5_2013.exe sv-SE
  4. What good Mega works. Now I will try MSE. Many thanks hope it works for me. Thank you very much
  5. What sick of Microsoft. But the giant in charge of everything that comes from them
  6. Okey I did not know that the email got banned for some things to do on SkyDrive. Sharing office and windows, I understand.
  7. same error for me. There is no bandwidth to download. The user hosting this content is out of bandwidth. Is it possible that you share with SkyDrive? Thanks in advance
  8. Still the same without setiini.exe. I'm waiting and hoping for an updated mse
  9. When I try to install with / ai sv-SE, I get error Could not find command for "AutoInstall" Same at / ai Installation without switching see Picture Windows 7 ultimate 64-bit Swedish
  10. Thanks for the good work. Now to my problem. I want to install this silent but it is not. Have tried / ai sv-SE as a switch does not work. Any tips for me. Thanks in advance
  11. Hello I have a desire to be able to add updates as they do in the WIM file, and now that I have bought from microsoft windows 8, it has install.esd instead Install.wim
  12. I still miss those files filterpipelineprintproc.dll usbvideo.sys usbccid.sys dumpdrv.sys Where or what file I find these in? It is otherwise to copy afterwards to my project and repack
  13. The files I have when I want to create a uppdatpack for Windows XP is Swedish.
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