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  1. shall have to try these soon, as i have the non N version! :grin:
  2. text disapearing on the getting started screen when accidently highlighted downloads box.....BOOTUFUL The welcome screen icons still need (i think) to be like whats in the downloads folder! Options on far left much clearer! a few icons in basic and intermidiate need a little colour theres an odd little digit nest the wim merger icon and greyness overlap in icons mefinks that as you are on win 8 you are seeing stuff ok as those on wi 7 / xp are seeing stuff differently!
  3. Looking at the photos you have put up to compare and test win toolkit beta 7 The welcome screen needs tidying up, even though iv got this on win xp (win 7 partition waiting to be re-installed) If you change it to be just like "advanced" it will look much better! need to fill those 2 spaces on the downloads page with something. maybe you can looose the facebook and wpiw icons. As peaple are seeing visual differences between win 7 and win 8, is it not feesable to do a win toolkit for each! Win toolkit 7 v******* Win toolkit 8 v******* Actually using the name Win Toolkit 7 or 8 sounds pretty good!
  4. looks more pleasing on the eyes! what about an option for colours as we all got different colour background!!
  5. What dont we use today which aint got gimmcks! I dont use rocketdock but it does look nice. Macs have that sexy looking interface and mobiles have bouncy icons, so why are we using them if they are gimmicky. Maybe im missing out with my gimmicky samy 51" 3D plasma bluetooth tv, my Gimmicky hi spec PC which built myself using gimmicky high spec components (being an avid gamer!) Dam! even my small guitar amps got flashing lights! Just think, theres billions of these things sold, because of the gimmicks AND theres gonna be billions more sold COS thats what people want! Oh hang on.. what am i saying.......im still using a real cutdown N-lited xp pro corp with all the crap removed. and no prettyboy ticks enabled, as it runs as fast as hell, Looks abit like win 2000................................. oops almost forgot my win 7 partition for sme of my games that require win 7. Its 9.30 am, iv no coffee and i can tell its gonna be a long day!...sigh.................................................
  6. Well what can i say! Test 6 is much better, its just seams really odd with icons and text next to them, which to me anyway is the hardest part to accept. i supose in a way its like goin from win 7 to win 8, and seeing the screen for the 1st time and finking "What The F". just had a thought while writing this!...what a great look it would be if the icons poped out a little like Rocket dock does, sort of animated, or i think another term is floating!..i cud be wong! Good work , always seems to be on the ball. (I still cannot find that coffee with milk and 2 sugars button!)
  7. Yeah the icons on the download page look good, the overal text seems pin sharp but the "main and Tools" look different to what i am used to. The "info" txt next to the icons is just toooo long! other than that, ok.
  8. Bloody hell!...it looks horrible...cept for the downloads tab!!!!!!!!!
  9. From now on im not gonna have anymore sex unless the ladies name is spelt right!
  10. Maybe but such a lengthy list!!! The latest fixes yes, but its what the man wants, thats what he gets! As for good programming., well.........................................................when it can make coffee then we can call it fine programming!
  11. OK, Is it that obvious that im not a programer!.....sigh.... Does anyone actually read anything beyond a few fixes!
  12. Is it worth displaying all those update fixes in the "About" section, other than the last fix/s! Seems to be a waste of code really.
  13. mikdik


    Yeah why apologize, nobody owns you (cept the wife.........or husband :grin: ) there is other things you gotta do besides wincert. I mean...do you walk away from wincert and think "ohhh No", ...whatta am i gonna do! wincert needs me.........
  14. Disabling stuff as you mentioned sound more reasonable and more secure for win7, but some stuff ill just remove like drivers, speech ect. I know my way around nlite, no probs nut still a newby to the win seven modifying stuff, i have used rt7 lite ect but, i do find win toolkit much more easier to understand and use! One curious point id like to ask is as im 99% a xp user (win7 partition for some win 7 only games) is , is there an advantage to using win 7 with win toolkit for adding updates ect, being win 7!
  15. Yeah cheers for the info, i regually view other peoples .lastsessions infos who have done these cut down versions just to give me ideas of what i can and cannot remove. this would only be for me as my gaming os! My Idea of x64 x86 combind is really to have all reapers updates, netframework, runtimes, java,! so basically its all windows based updates, but on the subject of updates, they can be a little confusing, as i have 2 versions of netframe work 4, ie: reapers x64 one at over 200 megs and the aio version at about 49 megs!
  16. takes me almost 2 hours to do say: windows 7 ultimate x64 sp1 fully updated with mcrips updates and various addons! I do have a really fast pc and a hi spec gfx card, not overclocked either! i could prob do it faster if i plug my sata 3 drives into sata 3 ports, in raid formation for faster performance. but im not into raid unless i have a balaclava and a ak47! :grin:
  17. What is the best way to make a windows 7 x86 and x64 & Updates & Addons on one dvd. Is it feasable given combining both x86 & x64 addons, or is it best to have say!: Dvd Containing Windows 7 Ultimate/Professional x86 updated and addons and Dvd Containing Windows 7 Ultimate/Professional x64 updated and addons any help/advice woulg be greatly apreciated. Cheers for the info, ill just do one of each. i Do Install from usb stick i do it 99% of the time, and i do have an up to date system, being an avid gamer on an I5 2500k system! i choose my own components. Also on the subject of mixed operating systems, im only into windows 7 Pro and Ultimate x86 and x64, none of the other editions! I still use XP Pro Corp for all me netting general usage as it just dosnt hold back and lock up like win 7! I do use a win 7 partition for games that require win 7! My next step for me personally is to make a completely cut down win 7 as there is a heap of crud that most of us just dont use! I have just downloaded a few x64 ones and yet to test, iv had them before with no probs! Cheers fellas
  18. seems odd realy, i may boot my pc and try win toolkit and the web pages may appear up front, but after use ill try again and they apper behind!
  19. Got the win Win Toolkit, and still the downoad pages appear behind win toolkit!
  20. Got the new Win Toolkit v1.4.0.41 today and the problem of web pages appearing behind Win Toolkit still persist! Iv done a fresh install today, so nothing this end! Maybe some other users can see if they have the same problem and report it, other than that ok! Well, something odd here! I have done a bios update, messed around with settings, various reboots. ran win toolkit and the web pages appeared in front on win toolkit.. ood!......now it gets even odder... after shutting down win toolkit, comming back to it 2 mins later, web pages appear behind win toolkit!.. am i goin nuts! (lots of head scratching) So......Im not going mad then! :no:
  21. Go for it matey! You are doing a great job and "blimey" talk about on the ball for updates! Every time i blink theres an update!
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