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  1. Happy Birthday Kel :beerchug: Wish you best year for you.
  2. Thanks for the update Kel :thumbsup_anim: Best Regards
  3. What's on your mind?

  4. @OnePiece I made a few more attempts following your instructions, now there are no errors with nLite or with copying files. Although the IE8 icon and quicklaunch bar problem still remains, i don
  5. @OnePiece Sorry only replying now, I had to make a college report to deliver today, so i had to "forget" this during this weekend, but from now I can try again. Let
  6. Very Nice, awesome boot screen :thumbsup_anim: Go for it, i
  7. @OnePiece My connection is 18MB/1MB, theoretically I can send at 128KB/s. Where do you suggest to upload it??? You want everything (Folder that contains all KB
  8. @OnePiece Sorry to bother you again and waste your time on this. I know you
  9. Thanks for the new batch version bober :thumbsup_anim: , i
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