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  1. Hey nonno. You wrote ".net 3.5 SP1 full (includes 2.0 and 3.0)". Does it mean, that .net 3.5 SP1 full includes 2.0 SP2 and 3.0 SP1 too ? // Edit: Ok, I checked files, and now I see all Thanks for addon
  2. Big thank for your help. All is good, I translate your addon, but I have one more problem. Which file should I edit to translate MCE configurator ? This: I can't find it. /SOLVED. It was strings.xml
  3. Thank you for your help ricktendo. I do it in other way, I replace default .dll files, to .dll files from PLK MUI. All works. Thanks
  4. When I try do this (admin install), I get info: Instalator Windows
  5. I have Polish MUI for Windows XP Media Center, but I have Polish XP, and when I try install MUI, I get info: "Windows XP Mui can be installed on English Windows XP" and problems with compatible with WMP 11 (I have polish WMP too)...
  6. Hi. I'm from Poland and I have one question. Is this possible, to translate this pack to Polish lang ? I translate all .htm files, but this is propably only help files...
  7. Hi. I'm working in nLite and hfslip, and I integrate in HFSlip Service Pack 3 + Hotfixes, WMP 11+ Hotfixes, and in nLite I add add-on Internet Explorer 8. I download this addon, from OnePiece (OnePiece_IE8_WinXPSP3_AddOn_PLK. When I test it in VirtualBox, and it was good. But when I work in nLite, and I test it again, I have small button in Internet Explorer 8 :/ Screenshot: Good button look like that: Anyone had this problem ? Do I have to give Last_sesion file ? But it is only in PL language ;/ Sorry for my Engslih, I'm from Poland.. :] /Edit: Problem solved. The error cause my Composition :] Close temat.
  8. Thanks man It works. I earlier try edit this in 7-Zip, but when I want save file, it show mi dialog: . In Winrar everything is ok.
  9. Hi. I'm sorry, I can't find it on forum, becouse I'm from Poland, and I can't speak English very good. In this post you can see my level of english language ;p Ok. I have Kels_CPLBonus_v9.4.8.exe. I unpack it, and I have files, and instalator informator (CPLBonus.inf). I delete entry from this .inf file, whos I wanted, and file from folder. But how can I now pack it to .exe, with Switchless Installer ? In what program ?
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