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  1. Im playing this game right now and am scared outta my seat :w00t: Ranks right up there with Farcry and Doom3 Thoroughly recommended A+
  2. ST33L


    New Bond fil totally rocks! Saw it last night and was very impressed! I HIGHLY recommend it to all
  3. 29/Aircraft Electrician/Scotland
  4. ST33L

    HD tv's

    So nobody knows anything about HD televisions then eh? :shocking: You all ought to be thoroughly ashamed
  5. After a weeks ban I am how able to play on Jolt servers once again N1K! They reckone I was trying to impersonate an admin All I did was spectate and try to get a proper leathered bracket biatch of a player to leave the game! Serves me right for just trying to help
  6. ST33L


    So N1K. Are you, Coooooop & Diz still in D2F? Is e^ gonna rise again from the ashes when 2007 is released? Would be good to all play again under the old tag
  7. Thanks for help chaps Mobo is an Intel Bad Axe 975X (LGA775) Dual DDR2 PCI-Express Motherboard Its only a month old and its fully updated as much as it can be right now. Maybe at some point an update will sort out the crackling. The guy at OCUK is sending me out a new SB sound card for free so hopefully this will cure it Ch33rs again for help :welcome:
  8. Knowing someone there already is a huge advantage I will certainly get in contact with ya nearer the time bud. Congratz to the diiiirty Croatian leathered bracket booooy on his marrage to greeny eyed girl I wish them both the best of luck in the future. Maybe they can plan a trip at the same time we go too how cool would tha be! ST33333333333L
  9. Congratulations N1Ky booooooooooy who has just got married to a gorgeous green eyed girl! I am so jellous mate! :ranting: Had she of met the ST33333L first though it would of been a different story GL + HF to N1K & green eyes who I still dont know name of Maybe we can all meet up in Egypt and swap girls for the night :w00t: ST3333333333333333333333333333L
  10. Anyone up on which are good/bad and which are just down right ugly (like leathered n1k) A friend has just bought a 32" LG LCD set which looks amazing. He uses it mainly for console gaming. He's just got COD3 which looks mint :w00t: Ch33rs for any advice
  11. I have recently purchased a new ultima machine from OCUK. The machine has the new Intel core 2 due chip and accompanying motherboard. When I play older games on it I get crackling sounds when sound effects/music are played. Its not bad its just a small static like crackle that only seems to happen during play of UT2004 and America's army. During playing music and new games it is spot on. Do you think its because the chip and board are brand new its just a case of waiting for updates? The machine has been sent back and returned with no fault found. They grilled it by playing new games with settings on max and they had no problems whatsoever! The guy did have a point when he asked me why I bought this system just to play old games that a
  12. Ages ago i seem to recall my parents trying it on their machine. I ended up taking it off and putting Nortons on which seemed to work just fine although all they used pc for was email and occasional silver surfing. Sod it ill just keep 2007 on and see what happens :w00t:
  13. Thanks you very much mate thats really kind of you. When its booked ill send u a pm. ST33L
  14. salam affendi - sorry if this doesnt make sense Me and the girlfriend were looking to go to Egypt for a holiday early/mid next year. Maybe we could meet up with ya for some communal smoking I never got to visit the museum last visit as the flight from luxor to cairo was delayed due to weather. Just about got to see pyramids! cio for now
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