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  1. I just made this to replace my boring orb, you may or may not like it. Just take ownership of your authui.dll (in system32 folder) and rename it authui.bak then replace it with this one. Reboot and see if you love it or hate it.. text version: no text version: Download with text: http://rapidshare.com/files/159488412/authui.rar Download with no text: http://rapidshare.com/files/159505319/authui.rar :thumbsup_anim:
  2. Yeh thats nicer i would just have a few white dots for progress:
  3. Hi Kels, yeh your right. wolfsoul i can make it for you but the image will look llike a 100 year old photo coloured in 3 crayons..
  4. My New Vista Dreams bootscreen: Wolfsoul: i will make you whatever you want???
  5. Man i absolutely love this tool, you sir are a star...
  6. If you can convert the ani to cur (which is very easy) it will look nicer during setup. It can be done for cur ani to be ani during setup. I f you want it ? Man this is strange my ani no animated (stationary)
  7. You do if you want them as ani (not stationary) Sorry Rick im just going on my own modded xp's here..
  8. bober have you edited the user32.dll to use aero cursors and added reg to apply them you doing a great job here bro, loving it... I might do my own yet... I like your shell32.dll but i changed the AVI'S to none text (copying,deleteing,moveing..) i think it looks a lot nicer?
  9. No worries mate, i made an auto setup if you want it : For it to work just plonk the tools folder from support folder in i386
  10. No you gonna get error if winnt's are cabbed if using from desktop.. My winntbbu: http://rapidshare.com/files/147023778/WINNTBBU.rar If you want it that is...
  11. Excellent work, i wouldn't of cabbed the winnt files tho for desktop setup.. I dont like the winntbbu, i made 1 but it Vista XP
  12. Thats nice ALtF4, mine were rushed and i not got the time or apps anymore to get into it enough to make cool ones.
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