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  1. Program XnView do PSD on BMP with alpha channel scientist qualitative will
  2. Jatin Beniwal Your dialogue mistake else russian inscription in bitmap remained
  3. prokazzza pleased you see I want take your telephone a number and home address to me it is necessary your signature of your permit it is necessary I wanted to continue your project in forum oszone.net. Do Not want under goes on country kazakhstan in city CHimkent I meet you sit in cafe and shall speak I want to give you money that I have supported your project not far CHimkent minimum 120 km... My telephone number:+77025689421 beside me network card Activ http://www.activ.kz/ru/ on ring please... My ICQ number:595754433 wait you...
  4. robi450 on forum oszone Jekson07 has updated project has added new dialogues and new bitmap
  5. George King I can help to you I on nation kazakh but I all shall hear what work with project WinStyle :welcome:
  6. Yes I do WinStyle Water continue work prokazzza :naughty:
  7. I have full PSD format of the project WinStyle I continue of the work prokazzza, but PSD did not give prokazzza all itself has done... I from itself from forum www.oszone.net
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