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  1. This really works great! Nice choice Gorki! :welcome:
  2. This looks really cool, especially to be freeware. Thanks Rick! I am sorry to say that the link does not work for me. When you get a chance Rick, if it is not a problem, would you please look into the link? :welcome:
  3. DENS :welcome: Being post 108, I feel that it would be nice to have a recap of all 108 words used thus far, so as to be sure we are not repeating ourselves. Next game I suggest we try harder to keep the complete list available on each page. I think that would make the game more challenging. Yes?
  4. Hello, I am in search of some advice regarding modifications to my context menu. With my last install, I used Kel's "Uber Pack" addon which gave me a host of new context menu options in something labeled "power menu". It seems that the power menu is part of an app called MMM. I began to experiment with the MMM app and now I have lost the two most useful context menu addition, "copy to" and "move to". To be more clear, Kel's 'Uber Pack" created "copy to" and "send to" in the context menu when I right clicked any sort of file or folder. I still have the options when I right click folders, but I have lost the options when I right click on .exe or anything other than a folder. I have since learned how to modify the MMM program, but it doesn't seem to help. I still have the 'copy to' and 'send to' in the 'edit' menu of explorer, but not in the right click context menu. Is there a registry key I can add or modify to help me gain these options? Thanks for your time. :welcome:
  5. Thanks for your help guys. I have a little more time to implement my solution than I had originally anticipated. I am sure I will have more questions as I get into the project. I think I am going to try the image idea and see how well it works. I am also going to investigate the Device Lock application. :welcome:
  6. Thanks for taking the time to reply to my question. I am glad to know that the 32bit os is much faster than the 64bit version. I think having both 32bit and 64bit versions available has been part of my confusion. I couldn't really see the need for a 64bit version of xp if the 32 bit version would run. Somehow the fact that there is 64bit version gave the impression that the 32bit would not work with the 64 bit chip Something else I am curious about is the speed ratings on these 64 bit chips. I have a 32bit AMD XP 3200+ which runs @ approx. 2200mhz. I have seen many of the 64 bit chips that have clock speeds of 2000mhz or less. I am unclear as to how a 64bit 2000mhz chip would be faster than a 32bit 2200mhz chip. One other question I would like to ask, a 64bit chip is not the same as a 32bit dual core chip right? Are they the same basic design but called different names(64bit or dual core) by their manufacturers? Thanks again. :welcome:
  7. Thanks WolfX2, I think this is a very nice skin. I will switch to it for a while and see how it suits me. :welcome:
  8. Hi everyone. This may not be the right location for this question, but I would like some explanation about the whole 64bit OS option. Now as best I can tell, I would have to buy a AMD64 setup to run the 64bit M$ OS. This is where i get a little foggy on the issue. Can I use a 64bit AMD64 setup to run a 32bit M$ OS? It seems that the 64bit software market is rather small, and I don't notice the incredible change in the computer industry that everyone was carrying on about when AMD introduced the 64bit chip. I think that I get lost when I look at the current AMD and Intel cpu offerings.First AMD has 64bit, then Intel brought 2core cpu. Then AMD looks to have a dual core AMD64 line, and now Intel offers quad core. What is different about the 64bit OS and its 64bit cpu use, compared to Intel and other 32 bit setups? Why hasn't everyone gone to AMD if 64 bit is/was going to change the computing world? Don't get me wrong, I have always been a AMD man, and I am in no way being sarcastic when I ask, "whats so geat about AMD". I have been thinking about what I would upgrade to if chose to do so, and having looked around at some of the current offerings, I simply don't know what would be the best choice. I realize that I could spend some time researching these questions and find out the answers on my own, but I would like to hear some real opinions about these different setups. If anyone were to feel inclined to ask, I would be using the computer for almost everything a typical user might, i.e. video (HD perhaps), networking, file compression, maybe a game here or there, and most certainly multi-tasking. Thanks for you time and opinions. :welcome:
  9. Thanks so much everyone. It really means a lot to me, having you all wish me a happy birthday. If you could see the smile on my face right now, having just read all of your messages....Thank You! While I have the chance I would like to take a moment to express my gratitude to you folks for all the correspondence I have enjoyed since becoming a member here at wincert.net. I am truly thankful for all of the advice you offer me, for your patience with so many of my (sometimes clueless) questions, and for your tireless generosity through which you offer all of us so much of your knowledge and precious creativity. I am truly happy to be a part of this brilliant community. Thanks Everyone! Best Regards, Randall McNally :welcome:
  10. Thanks for the advice guys. Here is another aspect of my intended project that I would like an opinion on. As I mentioned I am planning to allow for the usage of certain reference application on the other network computers. When I acquired these reference applications they came in the form of an installation disk and several 6-8 gigabyte DVD data disks. I think that I can install the main app on each workstation, and then make the data disks available across the network as .iso images. I dont know how to compile all of the DVDs, and the reference apps ask for a particular disk to be inserted when a user requests certain files. I could perhaps mount all data images in virtual drives located on my computer but which would be shared on the network. Then the reference apps could access the data DVD images while I would not have to distribute physical copies of the disks nor would I have to install copies of the data disks on the individual computers. Not to mention, I wouldn't have to rely on the users to mount the images to the virtual drives to allow the reference apps to see them. I would prefer to keep the data files confined to my physical machine, only allowing users to access them. It may sound paranoid of me to say this, but it would keep someone from taking the entire machine or from removing the hard drive and abscond with it. Does this sound like a reasonable idea or am I making this more difficult for myself than necessary? :welcome:
  11. Hello, I am looking for some advice regarding software that would help me protect information I am going to make available on a work group/network for others to access, but not to be able to copy to a storage medium. To be more clear, I am going to set up a small network of 3-4 computers upon which I will make available information which I would like to display to others and perhaps allow for pages of the info to be printed, but I need to make sure that the information can only be viewed, or printed by page, without any chance of it being copied in bulk. I have been thinking of using windows XP pro on all of the machines and then serving the data from my workstation with administrator privileges. Most of the information is in pdf format, although I do also have some stand-alone reference information programs which do not require passwords or allow for administrative control from within the software once setup. How can I make these available, while protecting my investment from potential theft? 1. Should I be looking to a different OS for this task? I have access to Server 2003, although I have no experience in using it. I would not mind setting up my station with MS Server 2003, as long as I can use my computer as a workstation simultaneously. 2. Is there a software that you could suggest that might offer me some peice of mind using windows xp, while allowing others to access data on a work group network? 3. Do I sound like a total novice at this(I am by the way) and need some sort of tutorial to guide me through safely implementing this strategy? If so, what/where should I go for further reading? Thanks for all of you help and tips, Randall McNally :welcome: P.S. If this topic is in the wrong forum, I kindly ask the Moderator to move it to the appropriate location.
  12. I love it when a plan comes together!
  13. Don't worry Methuselah, I am almost twice your age. I am so old that they use the carbon dating equipment on me to calibrate the equipment. CEO and Volvo mechanic
  14. yes, unfortuantely so. The addon I made will install by itself with the other addons, but intead of a EOI installation confirmation, it offers the option to "run program now?(yes/no)" I would like to find a way around this problem since I still cant quite grasp batch scripting technique, plus I was hoping to make my first addon to offer up to the community. So far this is as close as I have come to making one of my own.
  15. " Nullsoft SuperPiMP Install System (NSIS) " is the description/title of this particular type of installer according to the MSFN "Unattended Windows Installation Guide" that seems to be so often referred to in response to beginner's questions(mostly in other forums I should add). The guide describes the installer, gives a list of switches, and also acknowledges the lack of a solution to the 'end of installation' pop up window. The guide was written at least 3 years ago and I was hoping that perhaps someone had come across a solution to this in the mean time. Here is a link to where I found the information/description of the installer; MSFN Unattended Installation Guide :welcome:
  16. I am using OO Defrag pro v10. I seems to be working ok so far. I have found that I need to use the chkdsk /f command frequently as I am experiencing more than average amount of disk errors. I did not have this issue before switching to OO defrag. The defrag is very fast and it has several options for file arrangement, but I dont really trust the app. I would like to try something else. I had been using Perfect Disk v8 but it would render my system unbootable from time to time. As far as I could tell, it seemed to malfunction if defrag. would conflict with another app. Sometimes it would get hung for several hours trying to open or move a single file before it would give up and continue with the defrag job. It wasn't very fast either. Besides the boot corruption problems, it seemed to do a good job. I decided to reply to this poll since I haven't found a defrag app that I like yet. Perhaps I will give ultimate defrag a try next. :welcome: I didnt actually vote since there is not an option for "other and/or none"
  17. Thanks Kel, I love your uber pack. I have v10 and I am wondering how I can update my current XP installation to v10.1. :welcome:
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