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  1. Sounds good. I will look into it. My biggest worry about using this sort of software is that my key file might become corrupt or something gets mussed up with the encryption software, then I will be locked out of my own data. Have you ever had to deal with this before? I am sure had backup to replace any damaged files though.
  2. I dont think I have seen this one, Rick. :icon_question:
  3. Hello, Can anyone give me some instructions regarding setup of windows xp logon proceedings so that the log-in password in no longer bypassable in any way. I need a way to lock it up so tight that if I were to forget the password, I would probably die of old age before it could be cracked. I need to get rid of this method going in and deleteing the user file to get past the log on . I need to make it so that no one can bypass my logon password encrption with a sort of tool like what one might find on Hiram's boot cd. I was thinking that I could move some of the windows components into a truecrypt volume, where windows wouldn't work very well/if at all, until the trucrypt volume was opened. Any and all suggestions welcome. :welcome:
  4. Thanks for the tip, but this is the error I have been trying to work around. The error comes when I click on the 'shortcut to display icon that I made and then drug onto rocket dock. I have also included in the screen shot the specified target listed in the 'properties' of the "shortcut to display", which was created via the control panel display icon, in the manner you described. The target is 'Display', there is no root/path specified, only the target, "display". Any ideas? As you can see this is not a critical issue, but it is a learning experience for me so I am open to try any other suggestions that might work. Thanks again for your help.
  5. Ok here is another one from a movie I find quite entertaining. (Sorry if my image is not of the appropriate size. I apparently have not read the tutorial on how to insert the thumbnail links that resize when clicked upon, which I am provided by my generous image host Image Shack.I am continually denied and warned that there are,"No dynamic links allowed"? If there is a tutorial, would you please point me to it?)
  6. Wow Thanks for the info! I read the article that you linked and found it to be very informative. I must admit that it is technically over my head in places, but that is the way I like it. Thanks for your response. My questions and curiosities are satisfied for the moment. :welcome:
  7. Thanks for the info. My problem seems to be that when adding something like a custom shortcut that requires me to specify a target, sometimes I cant find one i.e. the display properties in the control panel. The target for the control panel icon listed in rocket dock is a string of numbers that represent some location that I have no idea how to find. I don't need to find the icons, as much as I need to find the target to point my custom shortcut to. Thanks for the like to the icon export app. I will look into it. I have been thinking of making an icon pack. This might prove to be a useful tool. :welcome:
  8. Now that is a very tough choice! If the two desktops were both submitted by guys, it would not be hard for me to choose N1K as my favorite, as you know I am a fan of dark colors on my desktop. But seeing Wacky Chamomile's submission, as well as her lovely signature I find myself distracted by thoughts of what a talented and colorful young lady she must be. If her art is a reflection of her personality then she is surely a fascinating young lady who's knowledge, insights and conversation will be a welcome voice among the many other great members of this community. Oh never mind. I am not going to vote since I like them both and would rather not choose. I am from the 'OLD SCHOOL' so to speak and I simply can not knowingly put a lady to defeat and walk away feeling OK about it. Perhaps no one else will vote and then there will be a tie for the August Desktop choice. Its way past my bedtime, :sleeping_03anim: and I start carrying on about all sorts of things as my faculties grow weary. Good luck N1K and Wacky! I commend your creativity and artistic insight! :welcome:
  9. hi very nice entry into the august desktop submission thread.

  10. OK, since I seem to be playing the word game by my self these days(sorry I ran everyone off mentioning the rule infractions), I am going to "up the ante" so to speak. , said the boss when he laid out the rules. and based on what I read these rules to say(or not say), I am going to take this game to the next level. At least I wont get bored as quickly being the only player in the game these days. There is no mention in the stated rules that we must adhere to a four letter word, so I am going to take it up to five! Now you might say, "McNally! You are adding a letter, not changing a letter like the rules clearly state!", and from some points of view you may be correct. Although I beg to differ. Why was the number '0' added to the set of 'natural' numbers, thus allowing the 'whole' number set to rise to popularity? I'll say that it is because '0' has a value....nothing. It is nothing and yet something. It represents a value of 'having no value' yet as a function it can make the largest of numbers disappear into it's own nothingness with the utmost of ease. In a way, it is like a numeric black hole. Yes? It is nothing, you cant see its mass, its density, why you can even look right through the center of it and see that it is empty. Although, if your numbers get too close to it, and try to interact with it in the wrong way, its power is immediately apparent and its results are unavoidable.....numbers are instantly converted to the same nothingness that is '0'. Then there was this other old geezer :albert: who mumbled some odd theoretical idea, something about e=mc^2. He was on about the impossibility of energy being destroyed, but that it could only be converted between physical states, the main ones being heat, light or motion...if I recall. In any case, in every spot on your screen where there is the possibility of placing a alpha-numeric character, behind every pixel there is the invisible energy of the '0', waiting to have its electrons excited so as to be converted to any of the other legible(sometime illegible like-windows ME-) alpha-numeric, symbolic states of expression in which it might exist, whilst clearly radiating a value of non-zero. So as to not carry on any further, I am about to convert some of the hidden energy of the '0' into another level of electromagnetic photon radiating atomic energy. For you thrill and amusement I am going to make it into the letter, 'P' So as we look back and yet look forward, we are reminded that energy can only change states. Energy is something that costs money, but it is something that we can not..... SPEND So in the spirit of Atomic Fusion, I give you the five letter word born from a long list of very similarly constructed, but yet quite different four letter words. Four letter words that span so many gaps and fill so many verbal voids in our daily expressions of our own personal conversion of the mysterious yet marvelous electromagnetic reactions of though energy into expression. :welcome:
  11. I need some help with figuring out the file paths of some of the windows xp resource locations. What I was trying to do when I realized I have this issue was to add a shortcut to control panel/display options via a new rocketdock icon. I can right click/properties(usually where i can find the path of a file) on the display icon in the control panel and I get the word"control panel" as a location. So then I looked at another icon on the rocket dock to see what was listed as the path for "control panel", and what I found was,"::{20D04FE0-3AEA-1069-A2D8-08002B30309D}\::{21EC2020-3AEA-1069-A2DD-08002B30309D}" :icon_question: This leaves me to assume that the display icon is located in a similarly named location, to which I have no guide to find. Looks like something from the registry, but I cant be sure. :icon_question: I searched the forums, I looked back through some of the xp tutorials, and i Goggled the topic, but have come up with nothing so far. :tumbleweed: Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can find the path of this and other resources in windows xp? :welcome:
  12. Thanks Gorki! This is a really nice program. True Aero is my favorite!
  13. Do you like Vice Versa? I have tried it but I don't quite trust it. I find that after is says that it had "Mirrors source to target", if I then choose "update lists"and recompare the source and target. the program continues to find discrepancies between the two files. Sometimes I can repeat this process a dozen times before I get the "both source and target are identical" message. I thought this might be due to the time stamp, so I started comparing the files by CRC32 alone, but no difference. Any clue why it doesn't work for me? It is a nice program.
  14. Looks like what I have in mind, Thanks N1K. I am going to give it a try. Would this be a good one to review?
  15. No, how about Shanghai Knights? :cowboy:
  16. Looks like Jackie Chan. Big Trouble in Little China? :nunchaku:
  17. Hello, I am hoping for suggestions regarding a software that can copy files, but will also check the copied version against the source file for errors. Then if errors are found, the software will recopy(as many times a necessary) some or all of the source file until the copied file is identical. I have some sort of problem that is causing me to get corrupt files when I copy them from drive to drive, or burn them to dvd on my system. The software doesn't have to opperate across a network, I just need it to help me maintain data integrity while moving things around. Also if anyone who reads this has any suggestions as to why I might have this problem i.e. known XP bugs, or typical hardware issues, please mention those ideas as well. Thanks :welcome:
  18. WOW! Thanks, that is a really cool sight you linked JurgenDoe!
  19. My turn again? Where did JurgenDoe go? N1K? SEND :welcome:
  20. Man that pic is tiny! I can hardly see it. Is that M.J. Fox a.k.a. Marty McFly hanging from the hand of the clock tower in the movie "Back To The Future"?
  21. N1K, I was browsing the 'member projects-addon discussion forum' and I thought I would make a suggestion regarding a modification to a couple of topics that some people may find useful There is a "complete list of wincert.net addons' topic and a "complete list of service-pack addons' topic, both of which contain dozens of member contributions. I was thinking that it would be nice if these 'complete list' topics could give some current status information with the listing. What I mean to say is that with the individual contribution listings there would also be "date added", "new", or a "last revised and/or updated" icon and/or text notation to go with the name of the contribution. Kel, Rick, and the other addon developers often have their major new releases and/or updates 'pinned' at the top of the forum with 'date revised' and version #, but I think it would be nice if all of the listings had this(in the complete list topic). My reasoning is that when a member or a guest comes back to wincert.net to dl an addon or check for an updated version, the information would be more acessable to them. Many times I have found the need to click through the 'complete list' links to check version numbers and to look for updates. This way a member can see at a glance if there is some new activity with a favorite addon or quickly spot a new addition to the growing list of contributions without getting bogged down searching through the listings, waiting for pages to load and then realizing that they already have the current version. I know that listing the extra information would be alot of work, especially since the lists are so long already. As well, the regular contributors would have to spend extra time updating their listings, which might be a drag for them. So I do see that it would be a task to make the change, but I thought I would point this out a something to think about. In my opinion, it would enhance the impression of fresh activity constantly taking place, underscoring the topics as a work in progress. It would also serve as markers/badges for people like Ricktendo64 that show how much he contributes and how often he does so, as he seems to contribute tirelessly to the lists. I dont know if you have looked through the list by Radu, "all 270 addons", but when I look at the date stating "last update approx 3-4 months ago" I get the sense that 'I have already been there and done that' and the list has nothing new to offer. I think that having some sort of date system would offer our lists a sense of relevance, as opposed to the sense that the project is winding down, which is something I get from Radu's description I think in essence I am trying to describe a way to make the add-on section of wincert.net seem current, and exciting by eliminating the need to search, sort and compare member contributions, as well as through making it simple for the user to realize the value and quality of the contributions that are posted here. Then again, there may be more to the picture than meets the eye. I may have been going on about an idea that makes no sense at all, but I thought I would point this out to you in an effort to help improve the member experience. Or maybe not....just a thought. Regards, Randall McNally :welcome:
  22. I am interested in contributing. I dont know how quickly I could produce reviews, but if you are willing to be patient with me I would love to give it a shot. As for hardware reviews, I think Kel said it all. :welcome:
  23. I haven't used object dock. I was always concerned about resource usage. I have been using rocket dock(thanks to Ricktendo64) and I love it. It seems to respond faster than clicking on system icons directly. I dont notice any resource usage, but not having used object dock I may be comparing apples to oranges here. :welcome:
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