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  1. I dont know...I guess N1K might BEND the rules a little........ or perhaps a lot since I used the word "BIND" only 2 posts ago. :welcome:
  2. N1K got it right. Pictured is the character Erwin M. Fletcher from the movie Fletch. In my opinion Fletch is the best leading role Chevy Chase played in this career. This is one from my all time favorites list. You are up N1K. :welcome:
  3. Here is a picture from a classic.
  4. I can wait. I have been getting along quite well with FF 2. I don't think I have ever had FF 2 crash, unlike in the early post-netscape days. I have always been a firefox fan. At this point it is stable and quite rich with features, so I am in no hurry to see another revision. My main concern with FF3 is in the potential loss of some of my favorite extensions. It seems that with each new version some of the themes or extensions that i like and use, either become incompatible, or it takes several weeks/months for the extensions to be rewritten to work with the new version. :welcome:
  5. Dont worry Rick, mine didnt make the list either. :tumbleweed:
  6. I wonder how popular this item is.
  7. Mr.McNally

    Umm, what?

    Well said! Brilliant suggestion! :lightbulb: So if I understand correctly, the Americans who can read maps should give their maps to the south Africans and Iraqis, and in doing so they will be helping the non-map reading Americans learn to use maps! This just might work!
  8. So this quiz has been over for almost 9 months now. I must say I too am a bit late for this one.
  9. Easy Rider :punk: :yahoo: :welcome:
  10. No chance I would have guessed that, haven't seen the movie yet. I was just guessing with DOA. It was all I could come up with for a guess after I looked around the site ign.com which was at the bottom of the clip, hoping I might see the screenshot you posted. :lol:
  11. The answer is 5 :welcome:
  12. Well I don't want to put Jurg in a.... BIND :doh: P.S. Thanks for the tip N1K. It is no wonder I was having such a time with the search.... :lol:
  13. Thanks Cro-man, this is just the sort of thing I had in mind. I ended up restoring my registry to a version from a couple of weeks ago to get things back in order. Seems that whatever went wrong with my system brought back a problem with windows explorer using 100% resources until process was ended. I used to be continually troubled by explorer.exe hanging up when I would open more than 4 or 5 windows. It was that bug that caused me to write my first .cmd(stop explorer.exe then start explorer.exe), which I kept on my desktop for when the bug would strike. I dont know if M$ made a hotfix or if I have somehow changed my xp configuration with nLite, but it hasn't been an issue for a long time now. I will hold onto this, as I think it will come in handy on a couple of other systems that I use that dont have the copy to/move to context menu options. Also, thanks for all of your freeware postings. I have often thought it amazing how you seem to have a constant stream of new, interesting free programs. :welcome:
  14. BOND :welcome: @N1K Thanks for the tip. I recall someone else mentioning that one should search the topic for prior usage of a word. Perhaps this is a daft questions, but would I search using the 'advanced search' feature found in the search box @ top right? I am wondering if there is a search feature here that I am simply overlooking, as I tried to search using the site search box and from the results i received, I felt like I might be missing something. :icon_question: P.S. JurgenDoe repeated Sm0k3r a couple of posts ago with the response 'DENT'
  15. Great work Rick! Thanks for your time and effort on this one(and your many others)! :welcome:
  16. WolfX2, I have only been using the new skin for a day or two, but I couldn't help coming back to tell you how much I like it. Overall the skin has a very polished look about it. I also find that your choice of a darker background makes it very easy on the eyes. Someone mentioned the white circles about the smilies. I don't know if that is an intentional design, but I find that it adds another dimension to the smilies. It makes them look as though they as popping through the background. I have decided that it is my new favorite and it will be the skin I use when I am here at wincert.net I would just like to say thanks for all of your hard work in making this great skin for everyone to enjoy. I would also like to say congratulations, as you are a very lucky young man to have such talent, motivation and generosity. :prop: Bravo! :prop: Regards, Randall :welcome:
  17. It has been a while since I last posted regarding this addon. I just wanted to say that it work flawlessly for me. What ever sort of issue I was having before had nothing to do with this addon. I wanted to offer that explanation so as to not deter anyone from using your most excellent addon. Great work as always, MrNxDmX :welcome:
  18. Thanks Bober, Installs great for me. :welcome:
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