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  1. Hi Gorki! I finally got to try this out on a real machine yesterday and here is a shot of what I get when I click on the desktop icon. I dont know what the error means, but if I click 'ok' the error box closes and ultraiso starts. I haven't tested the full functionality of the program after the error message, i.e. virtual drive,burning functions.... I did uninstall the program and then reinstalled it using a fresh copy that I downloaded, but the problem remained. Any ideas or suggestions on what or why this is happening? :welcome: P.S. I wasn't getting this error in VMWare using the same image..?..?
  2. Hi MrNxDmX, Yesterday I got to try the English only version on my non-virtual machine. Program crashed(exactly as it would in VMWare) until I got my display drivers installed(ATI catalyst Control Center v7.6). After reboot, program worked flawlessly. It really is a super cool app. Each side of the cube is a different full size desktop, making 4 desktops from 1! Then after another reboot, it started to crash repeatedly on startup. I looked for a way to uninstall the app, but I couldn't find one. Finally, after uninstalling the ATI catalyst 7.6 and installing the MSUpdate ATI display driver, I managed to regain function of the app. It seemed to have corrupted my display driver in some way, as I never could get decent graphic performance even after redownloading and reinstalling new display drivers. At this point the app will crash if it tries to start while my screen resolution is set too low. I think part of the problem is in the catalyst drivers, as they tend to load rather slowly on startup, usually being last to show up in the taskbar on startup. The "start with windows" option is checked by default. If there was some way to remedy that aspect of the app, it might be somewhat less troublesome. It may also work for me if was to use a startup delay app to keep if from starting before the ATI software. I am going to give the program another shot, but I don't think I will be trying to add it unattended at this point. The lack of a uninstaller and the dynamics of the ATI catalyst control software are making it more than i can handle at the moment. Thanks for your hard work, as well as for your taste in choosing such a cool app to work with. I really hope I can get it to work for me in a stable fashion. It is not only useful but also really cool looking to spin 4 full desktops around! Keep up the great work! Best Regards, Randall :welcome:
  3. Its so hard for me to decide! VastoLorde's is quite impressive. I'll bet he has a rather powerful hardware setup. Rick's makes me feel sad I am not getting to take a vacation again this year. Colorful, tropical and the gadgets fit very nicely with the theme. Mavric77's is clean and uncluttered. I am a fan of black themes. His desktop looks like a very comfortable and productive place to work or play. If I had to choose one of them to have as my own it would be Maveric77's, my choice for the month.
  4. I have isolated my FolderC.INF error and it has nothing to do with the SPTDs. Sorry if I caused any alarm or confusion. :doh: :welcome:
  5. Thanks Mates, Your replies are of great help to me. Much appreciated. :welcome:
  6. I have a question about making a addon from a switchless installer that I got from someone else's site. I found a couple of switchless installers elsewhere and used them to make my first nLite/svcpack style addons. My addons work great and I would like to know if it would be inappropriate to share them. Also, if it is alright to share them, what would be most appropriate way to give credit to the person whom I got the switchless installer from? If it is not ok I understand, as I would never want to be accused of stealing someone else's work. I just need someone to school me on the proper way to go about sharing things I found elsewhere. My only motivation is to contribute to the community.
  7. I have been thinking about this situation and I have an idea. I notice that the one guy, Ahmed has less than 20 members of his site. What if we all went to his sight and signed up as members. Then everyday, each one of us will stop by his site and ask some extremely daft questions, make some moronic comments, or test the limits of his knowledge by asking him to explain in detail some really complex concepts that he claims to understand. I propose a quota of three questions/comments per day per person. It shouldn't take more than a couple of minutes a day to complete. I doubt that he ever considered the possibility that he might launch a website and have it filled with a bunch of pestering imbeciles, who never let up with the questions and comments. :crazy: It may also affect his membership growth rates as people come and browse his site and see that it is frequented by a bunch of dip****s on a daily basis. At least a few of his 19 members will probably have a hard time dealing with the new crowd as well. In the end there would be no real harm done. The only downside that I can see is in the potential loss of personal productivity. The amusement and laughter gleaned from reading Ahmed's responses to out questions as we show up to fulfill our daily quotas could potentially become rather addictive.
  8. Thanks! :thumbsup_anim:
  9. No it didn't install correctly. I have been making my installs from a XP pro SP2 image file I made that I keep mounted in a virtual drive. I have made good installs in the past with it, but lately I have been having problems. I posted this error here because the error message box was named SPTDinst. I assumed that the error was the fault of the SPTDrivers I was trying to install, of which I have no experience using. It is highly likely that the error is elsewhere if others are using this addon successfully. In fact, since I left this post I cut out any of the addons that I thought I might not need upon first startup and the problem is gone. I didn't reinstall the SPTD though. I don't know enough about what they do and I have Alcohol 120% so I don't usually install Daemon tools. I thought it would be nice to have virtual drive setup at first boot, but I realized today that Kel's Uber pack, which I have also been integrating, already has MS virtual drive. Rick is probably right because I have been getting an error message during the first few minutes of the installation which says "Setup can not copy FolderC.inf" and I am given the option to ignore, try again or quit. The error message happens just after setup formats the partition and begins to copy files. I used the "skip" option a couple of times, and this may be the result. Its funny but I can search the pre-iso installation files and I can not locate this FolderC.inf file anywhere, although this may be the problem that setup is complaining of. ? :doh: I must admit that it is very hard to remedy the setup complaints when I dont understand what setup is complaining about! Thanks for your help, I will come to understand this stuff sooner or later.
  10. Nice! :clap: Thanks for your help! Wincert is Awesome!!!
  11. Thanks for your response. I have been hesitant to run the utilities since i have no idea what will happen when I try. Are they GUI based, and are they relatively intuitive to use? So is the FGCBA is a tool that will tell me if my addons will work before I go through the process of making a new xp installation and then testing it in a virtual machine? If so, would is work for other types of addons besides style/theme addons? I toyed around with stylebuilder 2 for a couple of days a while back, and it seemed a bit complex to me. I was not very good at it right away and I quickly lost interest due to time constraints. If what I experienced with stylebuilder 2 is what it is like to make msstyles, I agree. It is very difficult skill to master. I have noticed that many of the themes found in the addons are made from work found on the Deviant Art website. I suppose it would be best for someone with my level of skill to work on making the addon from pre-existing msstyle designs and to not worry about the designing side of things just yet. Is there etiquette(besides please and thank you) to acquiring the work found on Deviant Art? Can I simply ask to use what I find, or should I expect there to be more to it than that?
  12. OK, so I have been looking over the information for a while now and I have a couple of questions for you. Although I admit to not reading the entire OSR Guides for making .INF files, I do not see anywhere in your written explanation anything regarding the usage or function of the 2 other files you are offering for download, 'sendto' and 'reg2inf'. I have downloaded both of these files and neither one has any sort of description or information file inside that gives a basic description or usage information. Could you explain the purpose of these please? Secondly, my next question may be a completely daft one and if so I apologize for my dafticity. How do I make a .msstyle file? Will I need to use a program like TGIsoft's "stylebuilder 2", or is there another way? If an explanation would be extraneous or a bit off topic here, would you please direct me to a reference that might help me understand this creation of .msstyles files? Once again I apologize if I am asking questions that have obvious answers, or if my understanding of these ideas is a bit behind the group. Thanks so much for the time and effort you have spent in making this guide for all of us.
  13. Thanks Rick! You make it seem so easy. I am going to try to make one. I will share mine if I happen to come to understand this process enough to succeeded at it. Thank You. :welcome:
  14. Link is not working. Could you fix it please? Thanks Rick. :welcome: In the meantime I think I might try to make my own since you mentioned the switch. :thumb_yello:
  15. Perhaps that is why I got this error? Unfortunately for me I have no idea what "framedyn.dll" is?!
  16. Congratulations on the 1000+ membership milestone! I am happy to be one. Its funny that I found this topic, as I was just sorting through the forum titles trying to find an appropriate place for two questions that I would really like to ask, but can not find anywhere that looks to be the proper place for them. I have a question regarding svcpack addons, nlite and RyanVM's Integrator, but in the unattended section there is no general discussion area. I would very much like to engage some of the brilliant people here in conversation about the various nuances that either method employs. I would also love to figure out how to use Kel's WPI. Perhaps I should be looking for that information in the official forums created for those softwares, but as you mentioned there is a diverse group of knowledgeable members here. I am inclined to think that the discussion regarding these softwares might be more open and members might express themselves with less bias here, as opposed to what a person might experience at the 'official' forums for these apps. I also have a question/comment about RyanVM's forum, but I cant find an appropriate place to ask that question either. I am afraid that I will have to pm one of the mods to find out more on that one. In any case, thanks for being here and for having me as a member. I hope that my input is of some use here, on this topic as well as in general. :welcome:
  17. Reflections Blue is easiest on the eyes imo. :welcome: UPDATE: The new "Graffiti" skin is by far my favorite skin. :welcome:
  18. Ive never tried this sort of game before. I am downloading the trial now. I will let you know how it works out for me. :thumb_yello:
  19. Yes....Yes, indeed it does. Thanks! :clap:
  20. NOD32 says Win32/Jep.Russ joke Awww.... I wanted to play pacman!!! :doh:
  21. Thanks again Gorki! Add-on is working great for me! :thumb_yello:
  22. Thanks Rick! This looks great!!! I can get much use from this!!!! :thumb_yello:
  23. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! :dribble: How do I make my XP Look like this????
  24. ~~~Update~~~ Problem solved. It turned out to be a service setting that was hindering my login situation. I am 99% certain that I between having a couple of services disabled, in conjunction with the user logon 2 enabled by Kel's Uberpack needing to have a setting changed regarding logon privileges, I have found the root of my problem. Seeing as how the solution was so simple, as well as being an oversight on my part, I must apologize for taking up space in the forum. I haven't solved the theme issue yet, but I am sure that the question stands to receive more consideration elsewhere in the forum. Thanks to Ricktendo64 for the reply.
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