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  1. Thanks cro-man, I will give it a try. Couple of days ago I was thinking that I would like to have something like this. Thank You.
  2. Sure Rick, no problem and thanks for the reply. I know the rules say that I should do my best to host the file or have it hosted somewhere like imageshack if possible, but when I tried to upload it to imageshack the file it wasn't accepted. I am choosing to attach the document and if that doesn't suit, please let me know and I will post it however you prefer. I had to change it to .txt to upload. LAST_SESSION.txt As i was looking it over, I still feel like I have most of the security settings enabled, but then again I may have misinterpreted something. If you dont mind, can you also see anything that is keeping me from integrating all of the themes into my installation? It hasn't been a huge deal since I really like the vista styled themes and they have been showing up consistently when I use Kel's Vista theme addon, but it seems like Kel's 3 part theme pack got left out, as well as some others. I am using the theme patch via nLite and as best I can tell I have avoided theme packs that are dependent on other patches or apps......? If the theme question if off topic or inappropriate to ask here, please let me know. It didn't occur to me that I should ask until I realized I was actually asking questions about my choice of add-ons to the people who make my choice of add-ons!
  3. Hello, I have been working on a unattended xp install using nLite. I have been using RyanVM's post SP2 update packs, WGA, DirX 9c, and I made a .Net addon with his AIO .NET switchless installer Beta 2. I am using a copy of XP pro SP2. I have a lot of others add-ons(at least 30) that I am using and I have made some changes to the XP scheme(ie. removed WMP altogether). I am getting a pretty good set of addons together that are actually producing installations that are virtually bug free(as far as I can tell), as it has taken me some weeks to find a combination of addons that dont cause unwanted results. Here is my problem. I get a great install, but I for some reason it skips the user password log-on at start-up. I only use the classic log on for its slightly more secure qualities, so to be clear, all of this is happening with the classic log on screen. Once the OS is up and running it will ask for a password if I log off, lock the system, or even come back from a screen saver. I enabled the secure log-on setting(ctrl+alt+del to log on) but the password box just flashes by for an instant at startup and then XP proceeds to start normally. To gain access, all someone might do is simply restart my system. I just thought that someone might be familiar with the part of the registry that controls this behavior, or perhaps the cause of my symptoms would seem obvious to someone else who might tell me what I am choosing/not choosing in nLite to get this result. Also, I should also mention, as I am sure you know the .NET AIO takes a long time to execute. I am having a lag of 10-15 minutes for this part of the process. It takes a good deal of time for me to make even the smallest change to my installation, and then test it in a VM and then on a real computer, I thought I might save the time and just ask. Does this issue sound like a simple fix I am overlooking, or perhaps ring some bells as to how I might go about changing this specific behavior? Thanks for you time and consideration, Mr. McNally :welcome:
  4. Thanks Gorki! :w00t: I am very grateful for your time and effort being spent at my request. I am also amazed that only this morning(eastern standard) I requested this addon, and by the time I got home from work my request was granted. I have a pretty good xp install in the making and this will be a big piece of my xp puzzle. :thumbsup_anim: I will be putting this one to use before the night is over. :thumb_yello: Thanks again! Randall :welcome:
  5. Thanks for the welcome. I am aware the the 2.06 is available and I will be perfectly content with that. I asked for 2.05 simply because it is the version I use and it has a feature that supposedly checks for updates periodically. Being aware that 2.06 is available, I am a little worried that a hassle looms in my future as the program insists that there is no update available at this time for a software advertised as having free upgrades for life. In any case, v2.06 would be great. I am sure that 2.06 would suit far more people that a outdated version. Thanks so much for such a prompt reply to my request. :thumbsup_anim:
  6. Hello, I would like to make a request for Look n' Stop Firewall 205p3. The version I have is a 30day trial version. Although it my seen a bit complex to some, it is the best firewall I have ever used, as well as being the only one I have ever felt I could trust. I have been looking for it made into an addon for a while and I haven't seen it yet. I tried to make one in the style of the 'svcpack' n'Lite addons, but I don't know the silent switches to make it unattended. Here is a link to a download location. http://www.windowsmarketplace.com/details....;itemid=3000455 If anyone has the time to make it, I am sure i am not the only one who would appreciate the time and effort in creating it. Thanks to everyone in the addon/unattended inst. community for all the effort and time spent in making so many great addons for XP. :thumb_yello: I have found much enjoyment in making many different versions on XP. I wish I had the time to learn more about how you make all of these great choices for customization so that I might have something to contribute. Best Regards, Randall McNally :welcome:
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    Hi. Thanks for having me here. I am looking forward to learning and corresponding with all of you.
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