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  1. Arkadaşlar son bir haftadır foruma hi
  2. Programın tercihlerinden (Ayarlarından) dili t
  3. You're welcome DennyMK It seems tha defragmenting applications are different for everybody. There is no one best solution for us, lol.
  4. Offtopic but as you asked, i've moved to a new house, my lungs got ill at old home. And my internet connection hasnt been taken to my new adress. I'll be offline for one more week.I wish they fix it soon
  5. Yup, there are some win7ish work here, not all of them ported from win7
  6. Reg ayarları konusunda katılmıyorum sana, bilmediğim bazı farklılıklar bulunuyor 64nbit i
  7. Next week i'll post mine, in same style as my ie7 addon My own computer (which contains all my work) is not near me, also i dont have internet connection at home. Next week
  8. Ok DennyMK, please do not offend on this situation. Just think about this; the first published addon was a full version, which is considered warez to post here. Then you changed your addon and situation is over, now. Just dont blame people, we're just trying to take on this community for a better knowledge and better ideas with simple rules Nobody wants to call you stupid or thief as soon as you dont post warez here. You know that people pay for retail versions. Hope you dont understand us wrong anymore. Cheers Edit: Oops, it has passed nearly a week. Sorry...
  9. Sorry Gonzakpo, this part of forum contains only turkish releases.
  10. Aynı soruyu 3 yada 4 yerde sormuşsunuz, ne yapığınızı anlatabilirseniz, yada aldığınız hatayı bi resimle g
  11. Alt yapısı derken ne demek istediğini anlamadım? Forum yazılımı mı? Bu pek m
  12. Agreed, i liked them : :thumbsup_anim:
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