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  1. Thanks for catching it guys!! People should really less pathetic and make there own skins
  2. I've tested it many times, it doesnt break anymore. No matter how many times you edit
  3. As you may or may not have known, wincert.net used to have a series of custom bb code images that dealt with a really cool way to display download links, screenshots, etc etc. Well now there back! and better than ever! They are as follows: Typing [shot]http://(your link here)[/shot]Without the "( )" Will render: Typing [dl]http://(your link here)[/dl]Without the "( )" Will render: Typing [home]http://(your link here)[/home]Without the "( )" Will render: Typing [src]http://(your link here)[/src]Without the "( )" Will render: Please report any problems you encounter with them in this topic, thanks --- WinCert Administration Team Please note: *You MUST include "http://" (without the quotes) before all links or they will direct to the WinCert server and you will receive a "404 File not found" error. *Glass effect on images may differ in appearance depending on the skin you are using.
  4. hmmm, i actually dont hate that!
  5. of course you can! Dont be worried of being proud
  6. waiteng86 Scrat ezemjcsd Finalists!
  7. Happy Birthday buddy! :lol2: dont get too drunk
  8. make sure you have the performence and relibility packs installed as well, I found they made a huge difference :thumb:
  9. Awe! thank you guys! It still haven't sunk in that i'm 15 yet though
  10. RocketDock + Leopard Dock Skin
  11. Awesome Desktops Guys!! Heres Mine
  12. Oh don't try to fix what isn't broken guys
  14. lmao no, i fell asleep in the back of math class
  15. WolfX2

    Hi All

    Nice to have ya on the team! enjoy your stay!
  16. AWE!! you guys make me feel so loved @THX-1138 - Not for sale, right now anyway and version 2 will be finished sometime later in the year. or possibly sometime early next year. It will consist of various fixes and improvements to the skin (i'm not giving out details )
  17. LUZR4LIFE's Wacky Chammomile JurgenDoe
  18. My Fav's LUZR4LIFE's Wacky Chammomile JurgenDoe
  19. "Anyone with an IQ higher than a ritz cracker would know that!!" :lol:
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