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  1. I found the tool and upload !! http://www.mediafire.com/?znl476gg78w1m7i ..
  2. Hi Mr.Lego Can you add this tweaks to W7T ... RegTweaks http://www.multiupload.com/K6O05T0V1C Silent Install Tweaks http://www.multiupload.com/WO3OCZ5XXD ...
  3. KMPlayer http://www.kmplayer.com/ Nero BurnLite 10.0.10600 http://www.nero.com/ ObjectDock 2.0 http://www.stardock....cts/ObjectDock/ GMail Drive 1.0.17 http://www.viksoe.dk/code/gmail.htm RealPlayer http://www.real.com/
  4. I have an idea I do not know that they exist in W7T is to place shortcuts as a Web or Windows folder to activate a text file or as information .. And other ...
  5. yes it working very good . And Showing what has been integrated from languages . While waiting for possibility of merging into your sp1 . Thank's for you & your program (W7T) ..
  6. Thank's The way is very successful. Done
  7. OK .. Why use to integrate sp1 to Version?
  8. Thanks Legolash2o You have successfully process .. See the picture Methods integrated in both languages ​​*. Wim .. After converting from exe to cab!! Now, how can sp1 Integrate in version after merging languages​​?
  9. Thanks for the information .. Can you explain the steps to integrate the languages ​​only .. Your way For sp0 or sp1 .. ? And any image integrated (install.wim) or (boot.wim) Or BOTH ? ...
  10. Ok, you explain to me what to do from the beginning to the origin of such a picture
  11. I want success for the integrate languages ​​and then combine the service pack 1 .. lang.ini from (setup DVD) [Available UI Languages] ar-SA = 2 en-US = 3 [Fallback Languages] en-US = en-us ---- lang.ini from (boot.wim-index2) [Available UI Languages] ar-SA = 2 en-US = 3 [Fallback Languages] en-US = en-us ...
  12. I use English for Windows 7 without service pack (sp0) in [W7T] Currently installed computer language is Arabic. I want to integrate the Arabic language and French language. What's wrong with that? ...
  13. This is what appears to me after the integration of languages ..
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