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  1. Ultimate Green by pri2sh (..."molested" by me) Download here
  2. ...something like this perhaps If You don't mind, I could post it here with your permission...yep, that's the one I've been telling you on DeviantART - Removed "search Bar" - Green frames - New images in "My Documents, My Music, My Videos" folders - Left side panel image - without the fish (thats for Mona )
  3. Thanks AMIRZ the serial code worked perfect with ENG. version :thumbsup_anim:
  4. Hey Guys Which lines in UIFILE has to be edited in logonui.exe to make those fonts bigger (maybe even pass. *** dots - if possible) :questionmark: Shut down screen is fine, just this one "Welcome screen) Thanks
  5. yup, its really nice. I've been playing with it all day and modified it a little; added even more green , removed fake search bar from start menu, nicer progress bar and....I don't remember what else(Lol) but it looks better now
  6. Funky sndvol32.exe Volume Control :naughty: Download here
  7. To get this to work with OEMSCAN addon you need to edit OEMINFO.INI and sysdm.cpl I can upload them here for you. ...sorry about my messy desktop
  8. @ troubada Nothing to worry about, its just a part of visual styles.....I use several themes and almost every one is different, example: @ Bober Check bitmap 14354 in shell32...I found mismatched image in new .batch BTW. why don't you use this one instead....it goes much better with all images
  9. here ya go .... Gallardo theme + wallpaper
  10. ok, here is mine....today ~Please read this post to use Thumbnail: http://www.wincert.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=4161 ~~Snake
  11. Works... - ....been using it on build 7000 - Kaspersky Internet Security - on build 7022 - Snagit 8 - Nero 8 Lite - Your Uninstaller! PRO 2008 6.2.1262
  12. how about those Avi's :icon_cool: Windows 7 AVIs for XP by =DopeySneezy http://dopeysneezy.deviantart.com/
  13. Yup, I second that. AVG virus scanner removes critical Windows file (user32.dll) !!! helooooo !!!! READ IT or just Google it for more info. I use Kaspersky Internet Security myself since 2006 and no problem there :icon_cool:
  14. oh, I've changed Bitmap #1 in sysdm.cpl ...think its nicer now
  15. Thanks for the updates amnesia, yeah! those images looks better now :naughty:
  16. yes, the program is auto set to Polish and extensions are are correct as well (tested on xp pro sp3 pl.) Thanks again
  17. Hey Rick, can you add support for Polish language please ...below is my polish translation: pl - PL (Polish - Poland) ProgDesc="Czyści system Windows." UninDesc="Usuń CCleaner". Thanks a Lot
  18. ...I'll test it for ya, just give me few min. EDIT: looks good
  19. Nice addon buddy (that's the one I'm using, right )
  20. ...another one :naughty: ...in Autorun: Lol....I can do this all day
  21. hey mona, I got one for ya...it really look nice ....in Autorun:
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