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  1. I just noticed, latest build 2.3 does not add Shockwave Player, its not there. Previous build had all 3
  2. Works great! but Is it possible to set this to "Notify me to install updates" instead of "never check"? Thanks
  3. @ricktendo I am using your installer, no one elses, and I got this error as well. Not that I am complaining about it, just saying. It doesn't bother me at all, I uninstalled Visual C++ 2010 via add/remove apps and used one that came with Photoshop and it works OK for me.
  4. In my case it does finish installing PS CS6 but with an error at the end saying something about Visual C++ 2010, indeed.
  5. dareckibmw


    You sure about that? something isn't right ... Usually it takes me ~25min. to integrate 150, on my laptop with i7 -4700MQ 2.4 GHz with 12 GB DDR3 and SSD Samsung 840 Pro
  6. Package has been send, it should be there Monday. I'll PM tracking number.
  7. Nice find! ps. I PM'ed Kels. I guess we just need to wait for him to get back to us.
  8. I've sent you few bucks, now go get that mobo!
  9. Kels, is it possible for you to ship them within US? I am sending the package to Ricardo (CPU with heatsink, CD/DVD burner and some ram-unknown speed), I could put it together in one box.
  10. Yeah, Theme Resource Changer is cool, I integrate it as an addon in my customs win7 x86 and x64
  11. I did test it already with hotfixes/ and superseeded from post #267 and it looks good. Nothing showing up on WU. I use ricktendo's dotNetFx451_Full_LDR_x86_x64_Slim as well, and it was done with WinToolkit
  12. OK Mooms and thank you for your job! @icare: Be careful, KB2913751 is NOT integratable (is going black within WTK)! It should be put under "SFX-Silent Installers. Thiersee KB2913751 works fine with WinToolkit
  13. Hey mooms....any chance for updated February pack? Thanks, as always.
  14. Just for a change... My Wife and I went to "Chicago Auto Show" yesterday and snapped few pics for you all. There are about 300 pictures in the gallery! Link to my gallery: Chicago Auto Show - 2014 Enjoy it
  15. Kels, I agree with you on that subject; I would remove the name/forum link from that picture.
  16. So changing (modifying) time/date in OS is consider a warez? What about integrating updates, addons, installer repacks, editing *.dll's using XPtsp for instance .....isn't this illegal? but most of us are doing this here, aren't we? (not that I don't nor complain)
  17. I hope Ricktendo won't mind if I share those tools with you, until he fix links. .NET4.5.1 SFX Maker (installer repacker): http://www21.zippyshare.com/v/65670322/file.html Silent "No GUI" SFX alternative: http://www21.zippyshare.com/v/91833862/file.html
  18. Test18 seems to be working correctly, at least for me. All updates were integrated and nothing shows up on WU. Thanks!
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