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  1. Where can you download it ..... I must be blind or can't find it :icon_question:
  2. Thanks Kel for your Uberpack.....just finished downloading it :thumb_yello:
  3. Thanks for the quick update...dl the new addon now :thumbsup_anim:
  4. I tried different version of a Defragmenter but the best I think is Vopt :icon_rolleyes: I used once 0&0 Defrag Pro, Perfect Disk & Ultimate Defrag but I wasn't very satisfied. Dunno how Diskeeper works :tumbleweed:
  5. Many Thanks Rick for all the hard work on the AddOn and a special Thanks to Raphael for his hard work :thumbsup_anim: Rick...do I need to uninstall the older version of the Sidebar first ??? Don't need to re patch the sidebar...everything is working fine only the Weather channel gadget doesn't shows any temperature :thumb_yello: Wowsy need to remake my VPack.zip with all that new stuff Thanks guys for all that hard work :thumbsup_anim:
  6. Well it looks like his site is closed for now :thumbsup_anim: Maybe he got enough spam or whatsoever to close it :whistle:
  7. Vopt Defrag. It's a small handy tool and it's very fast :thumbsup_anim:
  8. I dl your last version and it looks pretty need.....only one thing I don't like....it overlaps the taskbar and this doesn't looks good :icon_rolleyes:
  9. I for my reason like Brickopack because it has everything in the package. You'll find the latest Rocket Dock, Y's Shadow, UberIcon, Transbar & ResHacker :thumb_yello:
  10. Thanks Cro-Man.....very nice tool and I got this with Kel's uber addon :thumbsup_anim:
  11. you can change only one letter :icon_rolleyes:
  12. My two favorite Italian singers :thumb_yello:
  13. Awesome, incredible and magnificent....This guy is amazing and out of words....had to listen to this song 5 times because not only the song but the performance are extra ordinary :thumbsup_anim: I love this one :thumb_yello:
  14. dl your addon Gorki....Thanks a bunch and thanks to Rick for the nice update tip :thumb_yello:
  15. Is there a winner??? :icon_question:
  16. very nice TUT N1K but I decided I stay with XP....had Vista once installed but I wasn't satisfied to many bugs :icon_rolleyes:
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