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  1. Hi Rick! Are you still updating this tool? QTTabBar v1.2 is out. Many thanks, as always :thumbsup_anim:
  2. Happy Birthday... In 1 more year you will be able to have sex legally with your teachers LOL j/k

    Happy Birthday dude :P

  3. Luckily I found my eyes are still good. No sometimes me and others can't connect to the server of sokoolz and then I see nothing also not the image (because it's hosted on the same server). But no I get it...black download button is back :thumb_yello:
  4. After re-installing IE7 and fixing gadgets same problems. Note: After installing IE7 it's again still IE6 after a restart. The 3 white blocks are the 3 different CPU meters.
  5. First time I tried this app. I've installed the latest Alky and the latest Windows Vista Sidebar. Also I've installed the dutch WLAN hotfix and the patched wlsrvc.dll. Some problems: - I've also three running processes - Is it right that the customized wlsrvc.dll is an old version (6.0.6000.16386)? - Weather bar still not working (first saying that 'service is unavailable; after patching the dll file it says all the time 'Getting data...'). I'm thinking because there is no proxy support? - Recycle Bin is totally white (popup information works and is right). - Wireless status say: 'Disconnected' all the time. - The two CPU meters are also white blocks. - So far I see all other things works (only much of CPU usage, maybe that means the white blocks?). PC: XP Pro Dutch SP2 X86 - 1,8Ghz - 512MB
  6. Thanks Kel nice add-on... I was thinking this one can't be installed on the normal way. But I found that's luckily not so difficult. Just: Unpack the add-on Unpack 'VDrive.in_' Unpack 'VDRIVE.CAB' Create a folder with the name 'i386' in the directory a place all the files from the 'VDRIVE' folder in it Create a folder with the name 'VistaDrive' in the Windows directory Run 'VDrive.inf' (by right clicking -> install) EnjoY Only I don't understand why the inf can't create a folder with the name 'VDrive' in the windows directory...only a file without extension. Request: is this also possible for removable drives, like USB?
  7. Probably it are my eyes..but I can't find a direct download link... of it is again the sokoolz server...so I don't see a picture.
  8. Not here :sweatingbullets: Same problem as the other time...some people can download some people not. No we find out that the Internet settings don't cause problems. Edit: thanks for the mirror
  9. Is there a place where the settings are saved? Like the place where the bar is placed and that the standard adress bar is unchecked. And is there a svpack addon for this?
  10. Can't understand the sokoolz server. Now also the page is not found here. Last time that is don't work for some people you see it's a country problem or something like that...but sokoolz links were working last weeks.
  11. Can you add cygwin1.dll (I had v1005.24.0.0)? It's more known/ used then cygwin19.dll which one also is added. Edit: Thanks for the fast reply.
  12. This is a nice application. And for this app I need a add-on because I've to restart my PC with a normal installer. But the installer is outdated (v1.97 is out). Can you update? Thanks. :thumb_yello:
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