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  1. Hi Rick! Are you still updating this tool? QTTabBar v1.2 is out. Many thanks, as always :thumbsup_anim:
  2. Luckily I found my eyes are still good. No sometimes me and others can't connect to the server of sokoolz and then I see nothing also not the image (because it's hosted on the same server). But no I get it...black download button is back :thumb_yello:
  3. After re-installing IE7 and fixing gadgets same problems. Note: After installing IE7 it's again still IE6 after a restart. The 3 white blocks are the 3 different CPU meters.
  4. First time I tried this app. I've installed the latest Alky and the latest Windows Vista Sidebar. Also I've installed the dutch WLAN hotfix and the patched wlsrvc.dll. Some problems: - I've also three running processes - Is it right that the customized wlsrvc.dll is an old version (6.0.6000.16386)? - Weather bar still not working (first saying that 'service is unavailable; after patching the dll file it says all the time 'Getting data...'). I'm thinking because there is no proxy support? - Recycle Bin is totally white (popup information works and is right). - Wireless status say: 'Disconnected' all the time. - The two CPU meters are also white blocks. - So far I see all other things works (only much of CPU usage, maybe that means the white blocks?). PC: XP Pro Dutch SP2 X86 - 1,8Ghz - 512MB
  5. Thanks Kel nice add-on... I was thinking this one can't be installed on the normal way. But I found that's luckily not so difficult. Just: Unpack the add-on Unpack 'VDrive.in_' Unpack 'VDRIVE.CAB' Create a folder with the name 'i386' in the directory a place all the files from the 'VDRIVE' folder in it Create a folder with the name 'VistaDrive' in the Windows directory Run 'VDrive.inf' (by right clicking -> install) EnjoY Only I don't understand why the inf can't create a folder with the name 'VDrive' in the windows directory...only a file without extension. Request: is this also possible for removable drives, like USB?
  6. Probably it are my eyes..but I can't find a direct download link... of it is again the sokoolz server...so I don't see a picture.
  7. Not here :sweatingbullets: Same problem as the other time...some people can download some people not. No we find out that the Internet settings don't cause problems. Edit: thanks for the mirror
  8. Is there a place where the settings are saved? Like the place where the bar is placed and that the standard adress bar is unchecked. And is there a svpack addon for this?
  9. Can't understand the sokoolz server. Now also the page is not found here. Last time that is don't work for some people you see it's a country problem or something like that...but sokoolz links were working last weeks.
  10. Can you add cygwin1.dll (I had v1005.24.0.0)? It's more known/ used then cygwin19.dll which one also is added. Edit: Thanks for the fast reply.
  11. This is a nice application. And for this app I need a add-on because I've to restart my PC with a normal installer. But the installer is outdated (v1.97 is out). Can you update? Thanks. :thumb_yello:
  12. Hi Rick.. With: [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\AppEvents\Schemes\Names\.Default] @="Windows Vista" and.. [HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT\AppEvents\Schemes\Names\.Default] @="Windows Vista" you give it also the right name in the control panel. It's just a suggestion maybe not clever because you then also need an inf. :icon_question:
  13. What about SIW (System Information for Windows)? Best tool, with the most information of the system information viewers I know. It's fast, little, no install required, CPL is already available on the download page and the Dev is still working on it. Or don't we need this? BUG REPORT: Error when uninstalling the silent installer. Can't found the INF-file C:\WINDOWS\INF\CPLBonus.inf
  14. Thanks for the additional information. But I think I don't understand this at all. I see that Kel also underlines some letters twice or more. Like: Advance &Uninstall &UnRegister,&Register &Unlocker Maybe are that other sections?
  15. Maybe a stupid question. But is it possible to translate the followling line from the to UberPack.inf my own language? [Strings] Ptweak = """Open Command Prompt"",&Back,""&Select All"",""&Hidden Files Toggle"",""&File Extension Toggle"",""Change Attributes..."",""Run with ar&guments ..."",Capitalise,""Convert to &upper case"",""Convert to &lower case"",""ModifyPE It"",&Unlocker,""Copy To..."",""Move To..."",""Process with eXPander"",Clipname,""Advance &Uninstall"",&FGCBA...,""Advance I&nstall"",""CMD Prompt"",""&Make Data ISO"",""&Make Bootable ISO"",""Change &Attributes..."",&UnRegister,&Register,""Open &With Notepad2"",""Ed&it Date"""
  16. Hi rick! You must know that integrating of the Windows Genuine Advantage plugin (I think office also) is not working. Its protected. You need also the right reg entries (which I don't know, I'm trying to find that out). If you installer yours firefox on a clean pc everything will be nice. Except if you need the Genuine plugin on the Microsoft site. MS is saying you haven't installed it yet. Ok you download it and you run the installer. The fun started. Installer say: The genuine plugin is currently installed. So then you can't install it but also you can't remove it. Problems! So I suggest: remove them :icon_rolleyes: Then: Firefox say that its better to use the -silent install switch. For what I don't know.
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