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  1. Hy NIM, I think its better to lets some time before show "Edited" mark. If you edit a post just seconds after the posting it show always. Sometimes the post need a correction or some so its no good always see this mark. In other forums is standard to 3-5 Minutes before show editing mark. It would be cool here is the same, what you think ? Greez
  2. To the ISO Stuff: Exist no legal way to convert Win8.1.1 enterprise eval to standard win 8 pro (trial)?
  3. Iv i start the exe, much times i get this error messages: "Error saving settings: Access to the path "C:\Users\Zer0\Desktop\WintToolkit_1.5.0.22_Portable\Settings.txt" is denied." Dunno why.. Please tell me (PM) date/time then i come forum and tell you TV data. (Or its fixed to this time point, thenn i tell you)
  4. Thanks for help. but i meant not activation. What i mean is unattended for language options and eula skipping. (Eula: This text you have to agree before you can install) Greez
  5. Possible to remove metro completely? No more metro startmenu and all this ****, just normal desktop gui for all system components?
  6. Yea if WTK full portable then better this. Or dunno about to handle, maybe better sponsor/ad services..
  7. 1-3 Great, thanks. 4. Yap. 5. Harhar xP Ahh you meaning for 1.5. Ya i meant the request are also for 2.x I have just take a look in NTLite, maybe after a complete review i have.. some.. other request, dont worry. Nah, im happy if AIO-Integrator 2.0 finished, then i go bughunting in it. Question: The dism cleanup.. Winsxs backup and manifest, whast different to dism cleanup-image + /spsuperseded /startcomponentcleanup ? And its possible to ad /restorehealth and /resetbase for capture-image-tool? Sorry i dont know much of it, just what it do, MS give not specific infromation. :/
  8. Yea it works nice, but some few things: - MSP Extractor: Extract some with same name, whats better what not, i dunno, maybe override with newer date? - MSP Extractor: Extract into seperate folder, better to extract all in one folder - CaptureImage: Crash if the attached VHD is read-only - CaptureImage: Working extension "wim2" better to "bak" or "dat" Another: - WIM Manager: Would be nice to see and can edit modified date
  9. Heyho, Can anybody help for customize the setup.xml for just few things ?: 1. EULA-Stuff already accepted 2. Setup start in matched system language 3. I can install in all languages i can choose (eng and ger) (Means the setup start in English, but i can also choose only German language install) Thank much for help! Greez
  10. Yea i have splited the packs, here you can download the newest ("My Driver-Packs"): http://www.wincert.net/forum/topic/12571-project-win81-z3r07s-rog-edition-beta-thread/
  11. Replace Developers with "donations" Yea, next month i think i donate again a bit. But i hope WTK2 will coming soon with all request.
  12. Is it possible to have WinToolkit x64 executable? Greez Original
  13. Hey guys, Im just interest in reason for continues usage of Windows XP? Can you tell me some, i dont understand yet why not join win7 for example.. Greez
  14. yayhayhway lego, Automatic order better to: - Win7 IE LP order after IE self in IE group. - Extras order after additionalk group, so: 1. security, 2. hotfix 3. generel 4. additional 5. extras. - Option to mark selectived uptdates install in GDR or LDR.
  15. The new Tool from nuhi is released, check this out!: Called "NTLite" http://www.ntlite.com/ Greez
  16. All? Also the spelling and hyphenation? So just need german LP for 8.1 and all IE components have the german stuff included?
  17. Some tweaks i miss (works also for Win8.1): Enable TrueCrypt Direct PWPromt: Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00[HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\TrueCryptVolume\Shell\open\command]@="\"C:\\Program Files\\TrueCrypt\\TrueCrypt.exe\" /v \"%1\" /q background"Enable TrueCrypt Direct PWPromt And Open: Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00[HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\TrueCryptVolume\Shell\open\command]@="\"C:\\Program Files\\TrueCrypt\\TrueCrypt.exe\" /v \"%1\" /q background /e" Bugfix for Explorer (Cannot modyfing folders): (See in Attachment) Greez
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