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  1. Just tried downloading the latest installer and same thing. Portable is fine though which I can use no problem, so just letting you know...
  2. Just tried downloading and installing, and NOD32 is reporting threat "Win32/Somoto.L" Is this the malware we are talking about or is this a false positive? Either way, it's not ideal...
  3. Is there any reason for the "steps"? For example, what happens if you just include the step 2 updates immediately after the step 1 updates?
  4. Excellent thanks! Is there a reason that the 100mb is normally created? I always see it when I install Windows.
  5. What do you mean? Thiersee Your example creates more than one partition, I just wondered if it was possible to create literally just one partition for Windows, no small 100mb partition, just one partition the size of the hard disk called C:.
  6. Thanks, Thiersee - much appreciated. In your example you set two partitions, the 100mb system drive and a second for the rest of the drive. This is fine, but does it have to be created in that way, with the 100mb partition? Thanks again.
  7. Hi, I know it's been mentioned before, but are there any plans to be able to have Win Toolkit be able to create auto partitions? In the meantime if anyone could tell me the xml that will just create one partition © to install Windows on I'd be very pleased. Or is the minimum 2 partions - one 100mb system one and the other Windows? Thanks, Graybags
  8. This is something I've been wondering was possible for a while now, I'll definitely give it a try. Is it not possible to create a version that works offline? I take it that it has to be online to download the catalog updates or something, so it knows what it has to hide? If that's the case, couldn't we just tell it what the updates were? All I would really like to hide for now are the language updates, as I never have to install those on any of the PC's I build.
  9. Hmm... So if the server is down, is there an alternative to getting all the updates in one place? I read up on KUC, but that seems sooooo complicated, when all I want to do is download the updates for a fresh Win 7 SP1 install. How are you all doing it? The only way I can see is doing a clean install, then checking WU and manually downloading them all, then putting them in a folder for future use.
  10. Just tried running it from a completely different folder - same thing happened. The message appears about a second or two after I run the WinToolkit.exe file. I'm running it on real hardware and I've just disabled NOD32 but still it happens...
  11. Hi, I've not used WinToolkit for a few months, so I thought I'd use it to create a new Win 7 disk. Anyway, I downloaded the latest version, ran it like normal and it said [WimFltr Removed] and asked me to reboot, which I did. But it does this EVERY time I open WinToolkit up. What's going on? Do I have to uninstall the WinFltr manually maybe? If so, how, and why isn't WinToolkit doing it like it used to? Graybags
  12. Very interesting topic as I'm just about to update my Vista offline install disk. Out of interest, where did you get all your Vista updates from?
  13. So, if I read it correctly, the Solor updates aren't the critical updates, just the "other" types of update? I just assumed that the Solor updates *were* the critical ones, so I downloaded the SP1 iso via WinKit, integrated the Solor updates and found I had 68 or something updates to still install... I really should read through these forums more What resources do people here use to download a complete hotfix pack of all the critical updates? I might be simplifying things far too much, but all I want to do is download the iso, integrate a whole bunch of patches and when I check Windows Update it will say "No updates"! If such a complete pack is indeed out there could Winkit link to it, just as it does the Solor ones? Graybags
  14. I hope you're going to carry on your superb work though once Uni is over! I'd love to get involved with creating a guide. I work in I.T and a big part of my job is creating guides for people less experienced than myself to be able to follow easily. I am always changing my XP build disks (as I'm a volunteer for a charity involved in I.T too) but I'm quite new to messing around with the Windows 7 images. I might start documenting what I do while integrating updates etc., the problems I run into, observations etc. Anything to help the newbies like myself. Anyway, the offer is there, and I'd be more than happy to help.
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