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  1. wow those are nice pics I like the 3rd, 4th, 6th, and 18th one.
  2. pretty sweet. that's the police for you. at least now I'm not afraid to go on the highway on my bike.
  3. I use FF on XP and IE7 on Vista. Idk. It will have problems with some add-ons, but we will just wait and see.
  4. its true :crying_anim: c'mon snap out of it :sigh:
  5. hahahaha she doesn't even know what she is talking about and btw the US is right here or wait here or no... :lol:
  6. hehe looks pretty user-friendly :lol:
  7. From what I remember, Object dock never took up too much RAM. I formated my computer so now I dont have it, but this isnt a real change in RAM/CPU usage here. REMEMBER: The more docks/icons in dock/effects you have, the more CPU and RAM it will consume.
  8. I've had this one for weeks (just without the dock)
  9. nice skin :thumb_yello: can't wait for the next version
  10. nice job (will install it tomorrow when I format and set up dual-boot) :thumb_yello:
  11. yep I'm already aware of the wincert.net gadget :thumbsup_anim:
  12. nice tutorial, thanks :thumb_yello:
  13. hey, a friend of mine from The Hobby Lounge sent me to this site, so hello people!
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