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  1. Is it possible to create a separate thread for VISO Live? I mean it will be easy to find and update.
  2. Hi, I just downloaded Adobe Reader 9 and i just want to know what is the silent switch for this version. :welcome: I would also like to know how can i add my own Serial Number to this Foxit Reader AddOn.
  3. theme by Rhor RhorsVG - Windows XP Visual Style This a Modded Version of VistaVG A different Wallpaper and Left Shellstyle is used in the AddOn. Size : 659.16 KB MD5: 1B5279A9A5A611AD626F307D501EA9D5 Download
  4. Thanks a lot for correcting me. :doh:
  5. OK i will do that. Thanks a lot for everything.
  6. No the shop only Had Asus Notebooks and my one is Compaq presario C304NR.
  7. OK i was able to install USB 2.0 Enhanced Host Controller by installing the Motherboard Driver but still every time i insert a DVD i hear it spinning inside but after a few moments the Notebook says that 'Please insert a disk into Drive I:' I took the Laptop and the drive to the shop and there the External DVD writer ran perfectly on other Notebooks but it didn't work on mine. The shopkeeper said to reinstall windows which i already did but nothing changed and the problem is still there.
  8. Theme by ~NLM-Studios Mission Aurora - Windows XP Visual Style The Mission Aurora Visual Style also includes the following bonuses: - The Rise of a Planet Wallpaper - Works with both 32px and 48px icons A different wallpaper is used in the AddOn. Website: http://nlm-studios.deviantart.com/art/Miss...ora-VS-67398696 Size : 611 KB MD5 : 311EC6C432984BE3C15549CA1DE7700D Sorry, i re-uploaded it because there was a small mistake. Thanks to Gorki. Download
  9. Theme by ~fediaFedia Vista Live pack for Windows XP by fediaFedia A different wallpaper is used in the AddOn. I have use Left Shellstyle not the one in the picture. Vista Live Blue AddOn Download: MIRROR 01 Website : http://fediafedia.deviantart.com/art/Vista...ows-XP-64466560 Size: 435 KB MD5: 07340cba28da6f82b7ca64146e71ba2b Vista Live Red AddOn Download: MIRROR 01 Website : http://fediafedia.deviantart.com/art/Vista...d-pack-68652648 Size: 621 KB MD5: 2D4A4932C243F817D2E4EA82D20B26B4 Vista Live Grey AddOn Download: MIRROR 01 Website: http://fediafedia.deviantart.com/art/Vista...for-XP-72154840 Size: 507.97 KB MD5: B8E540F5486F72337112A14143404BF6
  10. LUZR4LIFE i tried what you said but it didn't work. N1K i forgot to mention that i used Nero 8 Lite & burned a multisession disc in my Desktop PC using the external DVD writer. But after plugging it to the Laptop it only reads CD . When i insert a DVD in the writer and try to enter the drive 'My Computer' stops responding and windows becomes very slow. Everything turns normal when i get the DVD out. Another strange thing is that the USB 2.0 Enhanced Host Controller is not installed. May be installing it will solve the problem. How can i install it manually?
  11. Actually this page says that it uses '2 Universal Serial Bus (USB) 2.0' I selected the external drive which is the DVD Writer but still the Box for adjusting burning speed, and the Burn button is Grey. I am using Nero 8 Lite I tried Nero Express and also the Burning ROM but still the problem remains.
  12. Hi everyone, I have a External ASUS DVD Writer . My Laptop is Compaq C304NR which was bought in 2005. The problem i am having is that when i plug the DVD Writer in my Desktop PC it runs and writes DVD Perfectly. But when i plug it in my Laptop it refuses to Write and read DVD but it reads CDs. In other words the 'Burn' button disappears when i insert a Blank DVD while it is plugged into the Laptop. Can anyone tell me where the problem is because both the USB ports of my Laptop works perfectly and still the DVD writer is not working? Can this problem be related with USB port Speed? How can i solve it?
  13. LUZR4LIFE and Mona both of You are welcome.
  14. Theme by cyberchaos05 Aquanox has two substyles (Deep and Shallow) with compact start menu and three different fonts; Arial, Tahoma and Trebuchet MS. A different wallpaper is used in the AddOn. Website: http://cyberchaos05.deviantart.com/art/Aquanox-VS-34528329 Size: 554 KB MD5: FA0DBCFDFBF617B2DE3C86B9081CC8F5 Download
  15. Thanks Gorki for making this wonderful AddOn.
  16. LUZR4LIFE, Man this thread is Superb :thumbsup_anim:
  17. May be he is trying to promote his blog. Another copycat from deviantart is ~sagorpirbd whose theme has been posted here . He copied it from fediafedia.deviantart.com.
  18. Hi, rick can i use the [Addon] OOBES for windows xp with V'ISO? If yes when should i integrate it?
  19. Thanks for this addon. Does it have cursors included?
  20. Hi everyone. I have been waiting for SP3 to come out & i have already downloaded the 316mb which matches the md5 hash present in different websites. Mr.Thunderbird are you serious because it took me 17 hours to download the 316mb file . Just look at the attachement. BTW i integrated SP3 and there was another folder known as 'cmpnents' in the root. Can i delete this 'cmpnents' folder and the sp2.cab file which is in the i386 folder.
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