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  1. A job well done. You can change the description in the first post on Microsoft Visual C ++ 2005/2008/2010/2012/2013/2015
  2. myselfidemStraying from the topic, or will SetProductKey for Windows version 8.1?
  3. Hello Why install programs and updates simultaneously instead of one after the other as it was before? This introduces a mess in the order of programs Is this a bug or feature of the program? Google Translator my friends
  4. Is it possible to download the standalone version RunOnce Installer? Is the program ROU is part WinToolkit or occurs as a standalone? Long looking for a program that would allow control over the installation of programs in a specific order. As if he still had the option Close / Hibernate / Suspend it already would be an indispensable tool. In general, a respect for the work involved in the program.
  5. You got me wrong. Your script is flawless!. I mean only just automate the process in setProductkey.cmd something along the lines of profile: 5 Ultimate - index 5 4 Professional - index 4 3. etc Once started, the program parameters (path to intall.wim) he added automatically (default) keys for all images. Once again, respect. thnx
  6. Everything works absolutely flawlessly. You are brilliant. P> S> Is it possible to more automated procedure codes to be entered?
  7. " integrated all default keys" I was looking at Unattend-Examples and before me : ( I use this?SetProductKey.cmd Everything is clear , Big Thnx
  8. I need insert 5 product keys to install.wim to automate the process of: My example x86: Run > Select version(Basic, Home..etc.) > the rest of the installation settings comes from autounattend. Xml (network,user name etc) ( it's common settings for each image) the only thing that differs for the whole setup is just a product key If you enter only one code in autounnatened.xml in the choice of the system is only one system that matches the code that I wrote. And I want to be able to select all systems, but the automated installation process without entering a product key - so that each of the selected system automatically selects the product key from a file autounnatened.xml ""<Key>/IMAGE/INDEX</Key> <Value>X</Value>"" wjhere place this command and how? maybe so: <Key>/IMAGE/INDEX</Key> <Value>1</Value> <ProductKey>xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx</ProductKey> serial keys for BASIC <Key>/IMAGE/INDEX</Key> <Value>2</Value> <ProductKey>xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx</ProductKey> serial keys for Home Premium etc.. ????
  9. My mistake. The first line: no one DVD only two separate DVD for each x86 and x64. I do not know if it changes anything but it can in this way can, however, make it?
  10. What I mean to create a DVD with 4 editions of Windows 7: x86 - Starter , Basic, Home Premium , Professional, and Ultimate x64 - Basic, Home Premium , Professional, and Ultimate BUT I WOULD LIKE TO HAVE EACH OTHER EDITING FILE autounattend. Xml. Is this possible? Or one file autounattend. Xml contains the settings for each edition of Windows 7(separately x86 and x64) My setup: Run > Select version > the rest of the installation file comes from autounattend. Xml I'm interested in separately for x86 and x64.
  11. First: extra.exe is Microsoft Runtime Libraries 1.2.1 config.txt line figure as RunProgram="extra /SILENT /NORESTART" - missing extra.exe Two: You can install several different versions of the system - that's my point. But how to do it? I can not delete the previous version, such as AVG requires one of them to work properly
  12. Error in line extra ? where is .exe RunProgram="extra /SILENT /NORESTART" ?? RunProgram="extra.exe /SILENT /NORESTART". During the installation I got the message: Another version of this product is installed how to get around this? msiexec options: /c Advertises a new instance of the product. Must be used in conjunction with /t. Available starting with the Windows Installer version that is shipped with Windows Server 2003 and Windows XP with Service Pack 1 (SP1). how to do it?
  13. The installer is flawless, I am using the version of PL and it works great! I have a question about the 7zip installer, and exactly the peak config.txt: There are some undocumented switches for example: %% P - automatically checks the system architecture: x86 or x64, The action of the shift key (HOLD) The combination of fonts and colors. Are these new features in version 1.5 beta? Or maybe there is a newer version? translate Google
  14. Legolash2o: Maybe it would be good to put this information in Windows 7 Tololkit in Unnaetneded Creator / Main / AutoLogon/ Logon Count something like this example: If the Logon Count is not checked then AutoLogon is set to 999,999 (infinitely).It would be clearer about what's going on
  15. I understand that I can use instead WPI.exe eg RunFirstLogon.cmd? Do I need to create the user, since I have it already defined? Probably still located in the category does not work unattended, going all the time in question, I think so? I will take the test, the rest of the questions later. Thanks a lot
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