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  1. :welcome: ...Looking forward to the corrected pack before rolling out any machines that use it... :prop: Thanks! galileo
  2. FWIW...you might consider checking: "HKLM\SYSTEM\Setup\Pid" ....if that would help out....
  3. @N1K ...not that I am pushing a product but, try out "Drive Snapshot" (a drive/partition/volume imaging tool)...."very" small footprint and "very" fast and runs from within the OS (or from a boot disk)....uses VSS so "hot" images can executed. Images are mountable for individual file recovery or are restorable for complete drive/partition/volume recovery). Multiple GB imaging/backup in 5 - 20 minutes...we image our data drives - 4 drives @ 100 GB each in 18 minutes per drive (or volume if you prefer...). website: http://www.drivesnapshot.de/en/index.htm We typically install the OS twice on different partitions thus, we can perform system maintenence - including system volume restores - from within a Windows XP or 2K3 environment...thus, no "boot disk" required.... ...just some thoughts to make life....well, faster.... galileo
  4. @bober I have not had the time to try this out yet (but I will !!!)...just curious but, how would one handle downstream MS updates that replace your patched resources...? Do (or could you) you have a "reloader" type of function similar to XPize...? Thanks for your efforts !!! :prop: galileo
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