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  1. The only presets for making a slimmed OS are the Blackviper Services presets. Besides that, everything is manual so you can trim it down to your specific needs. Under "Component Removal", the options in green are considered "safe" to remove...and there are quite a lot of them. You can also mount the image to a directory and manually remove things such as system files, etc. For example, I removed all the unnecessary fonts from my image...taking the Fonts folder down to a mere 46MB. Just experiment and see how far you can take it.
  2. I have never encrypted my drive or have had any need for the usage of Bitlocker. I will experiment with this again considering I just did a full secure erase of both my SSD's. I will get back to you.
  3. In the All-In-One tool...Tweaks section...the tooltip for "Show Explorer Statusbar" reads... Alwats show explorer statusbar It should read Always show explorer statusbar
  4. I used W7T for the first time today...removed what I wanted from components...installed via command line in WinPE and then Windows wouldn't boot because fvevol.sys (the Bitlocker Drive Encryption System Driver) had been removed from the installation by W7T. Which setting in particular would trigger such a fatal problem? Is it a bug? Can it be prevented? Was it user error?
  5. I think you mean that Google Translator has been rude and demanding.
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