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  1. Afaik the page file is usually double whatever the Size of the ram is. You could try lowering it so it matches the amount of ram in a system. so instead of *2GB Ram = 4GB Page file* you could try *2GB Ram = 2GB Page File* and see if it performs just as well. Considering that the laptops will be doing the most minimum processing I'd say you could halve the page file or even lower it to a quarter of the total ram size and not get too much of a performance hit. Only thing I can suggest IMO is to just play with it, Gradually reduce the page file until you start seeing a severe enough performance hit, The page file size just before you got the hit would be the "Sweet Spot" Just remember though that as more windows and programs get opened, The more likely the system will lag ( and thus require a larger page file ) Good luck!
  2. I tried it out on a VM but I don't really care much for the Metro UI. I would probably install it for real and buy retail had it got the option to retain the Windows 7 start Orb and an option to disable the Metro UI. From what I can see though it looks like MS are heading towards forcing this UI change to all Win8 customers, So I'll probably stick with W7 until they add an option to turn Metro On/Off and give an option for customers to toggle W7 start menu on / off.
  3. Hi All I'm new to using W7Toolkit. I was wondering if any of you have any presets for making a super slimmed down win7 ultimate iso. I did try to look through the forums but couldn't find anything related to what I need. I'm unsure as to what services I can disable safely that aren't needed aswell as what components I can/cannot remove. Ideally I need windows 7 to be as stable as it can be, with Aero and media player and internet but without the bloatware that MS added. I know I can remove natural language and media centre for a quick trim but I'd like to know how much more I can remove without making the OS unstable. Thanks again all for your help.
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