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  1. This addon works on newer versions of uTorrent with a few changes. I use it for v1.8.1 (build 12639) Cab File -------- 1.tstatus.bmp - needs replaced (utorrent layout dimensions have altered in newer versions - get compatible replacement from utorrent skin forum) 2.file.ico - rename icon to "maindoc" to associate as default icon for torrent files 3.settings.dat - add to cabfile 4.uTorrent.exe - replace with newer version, obviously Inf File -------- 1.Edit all references on inf to "file.ico" ... rename to "maindoc.ico" 2.Add "settings.dat=1" to [sourceDisksFiles] 3.Add "settings.dat" to [Vista.Theme]
  2. well looks like I'm the 1st tester and I'm sure glad I did. AWESOME!!!!!!!!! :thumbsup_anim: :thumbsup_anim: :thumbsup_anim: must admit when I looked at the ini/inf files, I thought hmmm dunno .....but works perfect 1st picture is Driver Pack Display Picture (I used my own) 2nd picture is first Desktop View from install with my own Wallpaper as background Thankyou so much ... fabulous work :prop:
  3. thanks ... I will give it a try ... but I kinda think this will apply the image to 1st Desktop view. I am trying to get a background image to show during DriverPack installation; but I want my own Desktop Wallpaper to apply on 1st Desktop view......(not the DriverPack background) I tried an earlier addon that worked fine for DriverPack installation ... but applied postage size wallpaper of same image on Desktop .... my Wallpaper that I was applying with default theme got kicked off ....lol. I have had a look at the inf/ini files in this addon and it looks very similar to the one I tried before... but I will give it a go the next time I run a new slipstream. many thanks
  4. many thanks ... luv the 2nd style u made; installed fine and ms not calling :thumbsup_anim:
  5. I use this sidebar addon a lot and its always installed great ... thanks. Just wanted to ask if when using this addon, ...can I stop using the Vista RTM Fonts 1.1 addon .... because it looks like it installs the same Fonts as Sidebar? ... I think I'm installing the same fonts twice. thanks again.
  6. Fao. Orbit30 just in case ... here is link for file containing the 4xbootfiles u use to make your addons; these are untouched 5.1.2600.5657....I let the ms update install and just plucked these from Windows Driver folder. 4xBootFiles now hurry up with the "new range" ....lol :thumbsup_anim:
  7. windows 7 bootscreen looks real nice .... downloaded from the link and installed fine, but ms update KB956841 came calling after install to wipe it out I think all new bootscreens need made with 5657 files as 5512 files will just get overwritten; the files that KB956841 installs are 5.1.2600.5657 I have used the bitmaps from some of your earlier bootscreens and put them in 5.1.2600.5657 files from ms update...and when I install them...they work fine...and ms update no longer calls. hope the new range u r makin fixes this ... luv the ones u have made to date
  8. it's an nlite addon maker ... get it right here nloam nothing ... only need the 2 mentioned to overwrite the relevent files in system32 Another alternative to all of this is to let KB956841 install and go get its new kernel files from WINDOWS\Drivers folder .....and use resourehacker to replace their bitmap images from your vista style files....and use those new modified files in your original bootscreen addon. I have done that ...and also made my blue, green, and grey files with the kernels 5.1.2600.5657 doing it this way stops windows update from wanting to update those files ....until they release newer kernels again...lol
  9. ok guys, yes u can make your files for unattended install in 3 stages... 1st stage ... make the winrar sfx exe that does the overwriting of the files. 2nd stage ... make the winrar sfx installer exe that delivers the 1st file to your system with shortcut on start menu. 3rd stage ... pack your completed silent installer into an addon. I will explain stages 1&2 which are practically identical, hoping u know how to do stage 3, but if not I will explain that also. ok STAGE1....making exe file 1.make 2 new folders on your desktop...one named "WINDOWS"... the other "system32" ...pay attention to upper and lower cases and no quotes. 2.copy 2 of your vista style bootscreen exe files into the "system32" folder u made ...just "ntkrnlmp" and "ntoskrnl"...and drag that folder inside the "WINDOWS" folder ..so u have that folder on desktop with other folder inside it...and 2 files inside that folder. 3.now right click on the "WINDOWS" folder (that has other inside containing files).. and select "Add to archive"....and on box that pops up tick "Create SFX archive".. and click "OK"....and a winrar file named WINDOWS will appear on desktop. 4.rename that winrar file to something like "VistaBoot"...then right click on it and select "open with winrar"...and click the "SFX" icon and a box will open. 5.select "Do not change SFX module"..and click on "Comment" tab and copy/paste the following into "Archive comment" box:- ;The comment below contains SFX script commands Path=%SystemDrive%\ SavePath Silent=1 Overwrite=1 6.click "OK" and exit winrar. 7.you have now made the winrar sfx exe that if double clicked would silently install your 2 vista style files into your real system32 folder overwriting files that exist. 8.I use resourcehacker to change the winrar icon of that file to something else...u could do same. ****MAKE A COPY OF THE FILE U JUST MADE AND PUT IT SOMEWHERE SAFE**** then drop a copy of it also into your real system32 folder.....and from there right click on it and create shortcut of it to your desktop and rename shorcut to what u want it called STAGE2...making installer exe 1.we will use earlier files to make this....the "WINDOWS" folder you have on desktop with system32 folder inside it and 2 vista style files in that....leave file structure the same....but delete the 2 vista style files and copy the "VistaBoot" winrar exe you made into that folder....so just replacing 2 style files with the VistaBoot u made. 2.when done....the original "VistaBoot" u made that is still on desktop...rename to "VistaInstaller" 3.when renamed...right click on it and "open with winrar".....and in left panel you will see "WINDOWS" folder... right click on that folder entry inside the panel and select "rename"...and call it anything ...leave it open and drag the "WINDOWS" folder u altered into that panel and it will add the files.....then right click the file u renamed and select delete...then close winrar. 4.now we need to add shortcut u made to it....but we need to make the folders for it 1st. 5.make these 6 folders on desktop;- Documents and Settings All Users Start Menu Programs Accessories System Tools and drag the shortcut u made earlier into the last one "System Tools" 6.then put "System Tools" folder inside "Accessories" folder..and do same all way back to the Documents and Settings folder....so u have Documents and Settings as only folder with all others opening in a chain inside it. 7.now right click on the "VistaInstaller" file...and open in winrar....and drag the "Documents and Settings" folder (that contains the others..including shortcut)...into left panel beside the WINDOWS entry that is already there 8.winrar will add those files and then close winrar. 9.done. Your newly finished "VistaInstaller" if double clicked should silently deliver your "VistaBoot" exe to your real system32 folder and also deliver shorcut for it to start menu ..under Accessories...system tools like my earlier picture. u can delete the file u dropped in real system32 and all other desktop files and copies....and test your file...double click... then look in start menu to see that shortcut is there...and look in system 32 to see that "VistaBoot" is there also. STAGE3..... just make an addon of finished file in nloam ....or add to svcpack folder with ini file and cab it
  10. best way is to not download that update ... if u extracted that update u would see it wants to add 2 files to your system ... the bootscreen ones that just overwrite your vista style files. however, u could make a winrar sfx installer of your vista style bootscreen files and add it to your system with shortcut on your start menu.....then if files accidentally overwritten or damaged....a click on shortcut, follwed by reboot will put u back to vista style bootscreen. I added green. blue and grey styles to my system
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