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  1. You do'nt even need to specify msiexec, it's enough to launch the patch file itself with parameters: blah.msp /passive /norestart tested working with Office updates
  2. Delete the current text file and re-download it
  3. Yes but those are just the related to KB2919355 (Update1)
  4. @BrokenZer0 there are an updated version of both text files for systems that already have KB2919355: 1. KB29750612. KB29668703. KB29599774. KB2934018for RTM systems that don't have KB2919355: 1. KB2975061 (Prerequisite)2. KB29668703. KB29193554. KB29320465. KB29375926. KB29384397. KB29599778. KB29340189. KB2938772
  5. Updated i didn't use v4.5.3 since it's a pre-release
  6. They can be integrated normally after 2919355 but 2919355 must be integrated first in a separate dism session "Install pending" has no affect or prevent the integration nevertheless, it's recommended to use latest released Update ISO that have 2919355 already integrated
  7. Open install.wim file with hex editior then search for hex value: 3C 00 43 00 52 00 45 00 41 00 54 00 49 00 4F 00 4E 00if you got the first result before at the end of file, then skip to next result because this first result will be for winre.wim file now you replace the text values manually replacing each character or better, prepare the new value by adding dot (.) after each character so you can easily paste it instead of the current value 0.1.C.F. the operation for each index (each search result)
  8. I don't think that will work it's similar to if you try to use Dism from another system in second partition: Error: 0x80090006An error occurred. DISM could not be initialized in the local folder.Ensure that DISM is installed correctly and that all of the binaries are present
  9. Of course but at install screen it will show the creation date as last modified date it's just something cosmetic
  10. No, CreationTime is the date that get shown on the install screen when you choose between Editions and as i said, it represent the date when the image (index) was captured for the first time as new probaply, but when someone update that image with latest updates, tweaks.. etc, he would want the image to have new date
  11. It's your choice it's only used by sfc.exe if there is a system file corrupted so it replace it yes
  12. Hex-Edit the wim file itself xml entry will be at the end
  13. The normal or the official way will be by applying then re-capturing the image (recommended to use vhd to easily delete it later) but you can do it manually by changing the CREATIONTIME of index's xml entry <CREATIONTIME> <HIGHPART>0x01CF7F87</HIGHPART> <LOWPART>0xD084E5D3</LOWPART> </CREATIONTIME>
  14. C:\Windows\WinSXS\Backup AFAIK, is required for Windows Resource Protection (sfc) based on the refreshed Windows 8.1 released ISOs, i use this wimscript.ini exclusion list: [ExclusionList]\Users\Administrator\Windows\Logs\CBS\*\Windows\Logs\DISM\Windows\Logs\PBR\Windows\Panther\Windows\Prefetch\Windows\System32\Sysprep\Panther\Windows\System32\Sysprep\Sysprep_succeeded.tag\Windows\System32\winevt\Logs\*\Windows\Temp\*\Windows\WinSxS\ManifestCache\*
  15. BTW, i made same procedure and image installed just fine all updates are integrated, except "Extra" category when you say "Windows Update Downloader" you mean the built-in one in Wintoolkit?
  16. KB2533552 is an essential servicing stack update and every running system should have it
  17. express cab contains only the update manifest files + xml file.. those are used by WU to identify the original package contents and to determine what components of it are needed for the system so it download them only i.e. if the update are multilingual, it will download only lang resources matching your system only WU knows how to handle this mechanism so, express cab are useless and cannot be used for integration
  18. 1) Both use the same Updates Lists 2) _IE11, and _NotAllowedOffline (after installing the system)
  19. Only one update not included: Security Update KB2954853
  20. Try to git rid of queued operations: %windir%\Microsoft.NET\Framework64\v4.0.30319\ngen.exe executeQueuedItems /silent
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