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  1. I too am interested to add, especially if True Integrator also has sources in public. I'd try to mix the two as time allows it. I like DXTI's addons for integrating custom files as OS components (i've made my own nirsoft/systinternal/etc mix) and WTK's GUI for selecting features, updates and tweaking section with checkboxes (i customized my ISO with both and it works). I tried once something with alternate GUI for DISM and one thing i do regret is DISM's "feature" when mounting or committing images not seeing that drive is full, can't abort it operation (well not when launched from alternate
  2. I've researched the subject and have found almost all info needed to construct a batch command pipeline except how to get all keys from .reg file (or from command line) to get properly inserted into mounted subkey. I did found info about method involving running reg/regedit under desired user account, but i doubt it would work for user accounts inside wim and i also need to target key "HKU/.DEFAULT". I didn't test this. I have succeeded importing a hand-crafted .reg file into mounted subkey, but this would require me to manually alter all keys in .reg file so they get under required
  3. After some time spent writing cab addon for larger number of files, i started to look for programs that automate most if not all tasks. I found out there are : Inf-Addon Maker - haven't found valid DL links (both here and at win-lite) DX Universal UpdatePack/Addon Creator (filename DXUPAC.exe DXTool_x64_005FE78D48FC1B11F7068FBBE6FC368A.exe) - DL links present but no options found to select Windows 7. Also at start program requires exe of hotfix/update (which i assumed this program creates as CAB output at end, not requires as input at start) Inf-Assistant - no valid DL links Are ther
  4. Umm OnePiece i need more help ! I have defined multiple diskid's in [sourceDisksNames] with above mentioned subdirectories, so same file names do not collide and have referenced them in [sourceDisksFiles] with filename=diskid pairs. Now i have one final problem : I have CopyFiles directive in my custom install section [utilities] and i do not know how to reference a specific version among files with same name but different subdirectory in CAB install root. Config for clarification (with problem at end) ;custom named section, this could be DefaultInstall as well[Utilities]CopyFiles = fi
  5. Sooo. i've look at the examples, and the moment i looked at third one for CCleaner i will quote great minds of our time : "A-HA!" OnePiece, you rule ! [EDIT: i replied the moment i saw your post and missed the "Mod 3" note, art can't be rushed ]
  6. I posted in this sub-forum to ask for help on integrating files directly in windows image, no post-install workarounds. All files in my CAB need to be present in their target locations as early as possible, at least during setup phase (i'm also using unattended setup). I was using XP/nLite before this so i have expirience with making addons and i'm biased toward using this method. I could experiment with before mentioned path definitions in .INF files and test by doing DXTi integration, and leaving image mounted, then have a look inside mount directory, but i would really like to avoid as
  7. I would like to add nircmd via true addon CAB (a great little utility by Nir Sofer) to my Win7 x64 offline image (ie for making ISO out of it later). It has both x86 and x64 versions. SInce i intend to use it on x64 Windows, it means that calling application (usually cmd.exe) will call the corresponding version of nircmd (x86 cmd calls x86 nircmd and respectively x64 cmd.exe calls x64 version of nircmd). Now a problem : i can make a CAB file that holds both versions under different names in same folder inside CAB, but since in future i intend to add other dual-bitness applications, this
  8. Thanks for the explanation and examples ! And i was already looking for MSU creation but stopped when i saw how much config data is in there. DXTi saved me in last moment. As for "bad english", you have HELPED me, language syntax is not a problem !
  9. Ohh i was looking for this kind of integrator... DXTi offers what nLite/RVMi do for XP. A straight into image integration, no workarounds. The only thing i miss is comprehensive INF format help like one from Gosh@msfn, just for Win7+ (Gosh really nailed it, helped me a lot). I've downloaded few DXTi addons and it seems that they follow pretty much the same file structure and syntax as nLite/RVMi ? Can anyone tell me what are the differences ?
  10. I'm trying to add some files via Advanced > Files tab for a Win7 64bit image. I don't know how to place files to make them accessible both by 32bit and 64bit processes. I know about file system redirector and "sysnative" alias, but that is intended to resolve access from calling application side. I'm wondering if the only solution is to copy files to both system32 AND system32/SysWOW64 so any 32/64 bit process can equally run all added executables ? UPDATE: I'll just shove 32bit stuff in system32 anyway because mostly 64bit cmd shell will access it anyway. Sigh...
  11. Thanks! I didn't receive post notification in thread via mail (i've used "follow topic" option at top), otherwise i would reply sooner.
  12. I have some expirience with making inf files for RVMi/nLite and have wondered if it is possible to do the same for Windows 7 using WinToolkit. I did make a couple of WA's but i haven't found any option in WinToolkit 1.5 that integrates the custom addon CAB files like RVMi/nLite do. CAB addons can have inf sections that cause them to integrate into XP's optional components, essentialy becoming "official" part of setup. All i could find for WA is that it adds some files and little else. I have looked around forum and have found this as a means of executing my inf integrated with WinToolkit :
  13. I have most likely missed info/help for this but please tell me : how to find where setup failed with Autounattend.xml ? I got the error message during setup and after googling i found that above answer file is has a problem. Which log file contains this info ? I just want to find faulty section and fix it. WSIM does not report any (obvious) errors in xml.
  14. I found what was cause of problem, i was using cmd shell extension supplied by WinToolkit tweak from Total Commander 32bit version. Problem is that i would like to use TC 64bit but there a quite a few plugins i would miss. TC uses internally TCMDX64.EXE to gain access to shell extensions for 64bit processes, and there are no menu items for starting command prompt. I found a possible workaround using "C:\Windows\Sysnative" alias (or for more universal approach) "%SYSTEMROOT%\Sysnative" file system redirector. Hm this is supposed to be a fault at TC's side (though, when looked at registr
  15. Hi! I too was uncertain why is this needed, but i guess these sections need this data in separate phases. Also, the Windows System Image Manager (WSIM) in Windows Automated Installation Kit works out all these details for you. Some time ago, i was tinkering with WINNT.SIF answer file for Windows XP, and constant switching between user manual and text editor now looks bad compared to using WSIM to create a properly formatted file. I did notice one quirk : if i leave all password fields blank, WSIM will fill them with random strings when saving. I just reopen XML in text editor and clear t
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