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  1. MU catalog reflect same WU links http://catalog.update.microsoft.com/v7/site/Rss.aspx?q=KB3172605 http://download.windowsupdate.com/d/msdownload/update/software/updt/2016/09/windows6.1-kb3172605-x86_ae03ccbd299e434ea2239f1ad86f164e5f4deeda.msu http://download.windowsupdate.com/d/msdownload/update/software/updt/2016/09/windows6.1-kb3172605-x64_2bb9bc55f347eee34b1454b50c436eb6fd9301fc.msu
  2. The update is released to MU catalog only for now maybe next week it's pushed for WU, or they will wait until next patch tuesday to release the monthly win32k.sys security update
  3. Non superseded by today's updates, except IE11 KB3155178 is superseded by KB3161102 (Journal remover)
  4. It should replace all .net 4.6.1 updates, but i didn't verify that online
  5. You can, but i think it would cause confliction issues and you will have two entries in "Programs and Features" ------------ as for the absolute path "C:\Windows\" in addon, this is restriction be microsoft already tested, you can change some to %windir%, but changing them all will cause the pack to have errors or fail some REG_SZ values will not take variables other than that, Windows OS always defaults and recommended to C: whom want to force other drive letter, should expect errors
  6. Because KB3172605 does not supersede all KB3161608 components with new versiononly some components have newer version, but the rest are the same as KB3161608 (specially WU Client components) and for CBS stack, this makes whole KB3161608 not fully superseded but of course, in the term of rollups, KB3172605 replaces KB3161608 this is similar to Windows 10 cumulative updates mechanism each new cumulative contain whatever the previous cumulatives have + new components or newer version for some components
  7. Convenience rollup KB3125574 supersede both WU client .cabs and WU client update KB3138612 similarly, June 2016 rollup KB3161608 supersede them both as well yes i know that WU checks the state of WUClient-SelfUpdate .cabs on each search session but it completely runs fine without them, and WU itself mention that they are not required WindowsUpdate.log -> SelfUpdate is NOT required. however as usual WU mess, it asks for KB3138612 because it's GDR, while KB3125574 & KB3161608 are LDR that's the same reason why around 8 old security updates show up in WU after installing KB3161608
  8. Yes but technically, WMF can be integrated without .NET 4.5, but will not function
  9. KB3020369 is integratable offline just fine but it's better to be ibtegrated first, alone
  10. No let's wait to next tuesday to see if new hotfix rollup released
  11. Yes, even newer version 4.6.1078.0 vs 4.6.1075.0 but kb3136000-v2 is needed
  12. KB2585542 is superseded by KB3140245 + any of the recent kernel security updates (such as KB3153171) updates that are superseded by 2 (or more) updates combined, don't get listed in MUC as that "Package Details" but WU can recognize the supersedence
  13. Unfortunately, i lost the files i'll try to re-make it Edit: Updated
  14. Updated i tested the addon on non-english image, and installation completed fine
  15. I second Rider's post, editing or cusomizing the reply with this new editor is ridiculously impossible
  16. We all will get to that point anyway or another good luck ricktendo
  17. New Hotfix rollup 3146716 has been released, already contain KB3143693 so a new addon will be created asap
  18. For what it worth, KB3042058 require havive servicing stack update KB3020369 integrated first
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