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  1. Yes, even newer version 4.6.1078.0 vs 4.6.1075.0 but kb3136000-v2 is needed
  2. KB2585542 is superseded by KB3140245 + any of the recent kernel security updates (such as KB3153171) updates that are superseded by 2 (or more) updates combined, don't get listed in MUC as that "Package Details" but WU can recognize the supersedence
  3. Unfortunately, i lost the files i'll try to re-make it Edit: Updated
  4. Updated i tested the addon on non-english image, and installation completed fine
  5. I second Rider's post, editing or cusomizing the reply with this new editor is ridiculously impossible
  6. We all will get to that point anyway or another good luck ricktendo
  7. New Hotfix rollup 3146716 has been released, already contain KB3143693 so a new addon will be created asap
  8. For what it worth, KB3042058 require havive servicing stack update KB3020369 integrated first
  9. Win10 pack is an update .cab file which can be integrated easily
  10. Like i said, this update doesn't provide anything new, and it seems not compatible with rollup KB3139551 (maybe because both have same version) hiding is a choice, it's not right or wrong, and this update doesn't affect .net 4.6.1 functionality
  11. About the security update KB3136000 i verified that the update doesn't provide anything what's don't exist in the hotfix rollup meaning, all the files have the same version as hotfix WU just want that update installed therefore, i'm not going to build a new addon it' your choice to install KB3136000 from WU, or just hide it Regards.
  12. I actually don't intend to, there is only one small security update needed after: KB3127233
  13. It's an actual addon, integrated as installed and doesn't need any installation or switches
  14. Are you sure the addon integration is successful? more else, to verify that entirely, .NET 4.6.1 should show up in uninstall board (control panel / programs and features)
  15. No need to, hotfix rollup already have released security updates
  16. You could check *Reaper*'s addons, some or most are inf-like as example 7-zip: http://www.wincert.net/forum/topic/7239-7-zip-v935-beta/
  17. KB2992611 is almost superseded, the only component that is not superseded is CipherSuiteOrder.admx policy definition and Group Poilcy is found only in Professional/Ultimate/Enterprise editions that's why the update is actually superseded completely for lower editions (S/HB/HP)
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