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  1. What great welcome! Thank you guys, I'm honoured.
  2. Hi guys, I'm a 26 yrs old Italian boy. Actually I'm the official Italian RVMUP translator and can you find me in: eng2ita.net (requires registration). Here we translated Autopatcher for all win OS and for Office (and we hope to translate it in future. I'm sure that everyone knows what I'm talking about). I invite all wincert users to subscribe the petition: SaveAutoPatcher. We do italian translation of software too and sections for unattended installations and addons. I'm sorry, but "this above" didn't want to be "propaganda" on the website but it's something to know me. Now, congratulations for this wonderful forum and overall for Ricktendo for his professional addons. They're the best. I hope to learn something new from him. Thanks to all.
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