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  1. Virtual PC may not know it is running within VirtualBox since they're different applications. Running Virtual PC within Virtual PC is generally disallowed. I don't know if VirtualBox is the same way. I probably know less about device drivers than ricktendo64. But maybe the following command line will work...? devcon.exe install VMNetSrv.INF VMNetSrv.ndi
  2. MSGINA.DLL v5.1.2600.5112 ships with XP SP3. My SP3 addon does not include it, nor does ricktendo64's addon. There should be no issue with that file.
  3. Yes, Kiki Burgh, my KB893056 SP3 addon works with this addon (XP x86 SP3 Pro VLK source). It should be mentioned that ricktendo64's addon requires a patched SysSetup.dll, which nLite will do silently. To make this addon compatible with RVMi
  4. Use the following code instead of the above: REG ADD %ROE%\999 /ve /d "Cleaning up..." /f >nul REG ADD %ROE%\999 /v CMD /d "cmd.exe /q /c RmDir /S /Q \"%WinDir%\Setup\Updates\"" /f >nul
  5. Try this: REG ADD %ROE%\999 /ve /d "Cleaning up..." /f >nul REG ADD %ROE%\999 /v CMD /d "cmd.exe /q /c Del /F /S /Q \"%WinDir%\Setup\Updates\"" /f >nul
  6. I had Turbo Pascal 5.5 (with Object Oriented Programming). It came on many 5.25" floppies with three fat manuals. And it ran from DOS! Fun days, indeed.
  7. If you're still looking for a robust extraction script then you may want to try the following code. This is a modified version of one of the scripts I rewrote last month when starting work on my update packs again. (The original code also creates an unattended installation script. Let me know if you want a copy.) Everything you should need to know is in the comment header. Be sure to check the CONSTANT DECLARATIONS section for constants you may need to change, such as update package localization. ::
  8. You're welcome, George King. It's about time I started earning my keep here.
  9. That code converts the number of the file it is working on into a proper string to be used for your registry entries. First, the file number (starting at zero) is multiplied by 5, then saved as ROENUM by the SET command. The If statements convert the number !ROENUM! into the proper string !ROESTR! by adding leading zeros where necessary. For example: NUM = ROENUM = ROESTR 0 = 0 = 000 1 = 5 = 005 2 = 10 = 010 .. 19 = 95 = 095 20 = 100 = 100 .. 199 = 995 = 995 200 = 1000 = 1000 At NUM=200 it starts using four-digit ROE numbers, which will break the intended file execution order. .. 080 085 090 095 100 1000 1005 1010 1015 1020 1025 1030 1035 1040 1045 105 1050 1055 ..
  10. You cannot use a changing environment variable in a script loop without using "SETLOCAL EnableDelayedExpansion". Try the following code: SETLOCAL EnableDelayedExpansion echo Adding registry tweaks to enable RunOnceEx for install Special Updates... REG LOAD HKLM\Slipstream "%WIM%\Windows\System32\Config\Software" >nul SET ROE=HKLM\Slipstream\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\RunOnceEx REG ADD %ROE% /v TITLE /d "Installing updates" /f >nul REG ADD %ROE% /v Flags /t REG_DWORD /d "00000014" /f >nul REG ADD %ROE% /d "%WinDir%\System32\rundll32.exe %WinDir%\System32\iernonce.dll,RunOnceExProcess" /f >nul cd SpecialUpdates set /a NUM=0 if not exist "%WIM%\Windows\Setup\Updates" mkdir "%WIM%\Windows\Setup\Updates" >nul FOR %%f IN ("*.*") DO ( set /a ROENUM=!NUM!*5 If !ROENUM! LSS 10 (set "ROESTR=00!ROENUM!") ELSE ( If !ROENUM! LSS 100 (set "ROESTR=0!ROENUM!") ELSE ( set "ROESTR=!ROENUM!")) copy /Y "%%f" "%WIM%\Windows\Setup\Updates" REG ADD %ROE%\!ROESTR! /ve /d "%%f" /f REG ADD %ROE%\!ROESTR! /v %%f /d "%WinDir%\Setup\Updates\%%f /q" /f set /a NUM+=1 echo. !ROESTR!: "%%f" ) echo. echo !NUM! files added to ROE. echo. pause REG UNLOAD HKLM\Slipstream cd.. This script will properly handle up to 200 files with standard ROE numbering (multiples of 5, starting at 0). And, yes, the exclamation points (!) are absolutely necessary for environment variables that change with EnableDelayedExpansion.
  11. If you're using Firefox: Navigate to the page on the site that has the Flash game you'd like to download. When the game begins to load or play, you know you've reached the correct page. Click Tools in Firefox's top menu, then "Page Info". Click Media at the top of the new window that opens. In the top scrollbox, search for and click on an address that contains the SWF you'd like to download. These are often of the type Embed and may be grayed-out. Click the "Save As" button on the right side of the "Page Info" window, about two-thirds down the window. This won't work for SWF games that require other resource files on the site, but it does work for standalone SWF files. By the way, can somebody please erase my signature? The new forum software will not let me change it with my current post count. Thank you, N1K.
  12. I can't seem to get these instructions to work on XP x64 with IE8 and addon version 6.0.6002.18005 (5-08-09). The instructions seem to be incomplete. First, when trying to install the INF I receive the following familiar message: To get Rick's INF to install, I needed to change [sourceDisksNames.x86] to [sourceDisksNames]
  13. 34eraph is hard to pronounce.
  14. According to your second image your processor is capable of x64. The only way I know to determine if your BIOS is compatible is to check with the motherboard manufacturer.
  15. I can't agree with anything in the second half of Drake's reply. An x64 processor cannot "handle more instructions at one time" solely by nature of being 64-bit. Perhaps he was referring to the fact that most x64 processors are dual core, but he did not say as much. Even if that much of what he said were true, it does not mean x64 processors are "more reliable and easier to work with." These things are in no way logically connected. At all. And then there's this gem: Any speed difference running 32-bit applications is negligible from my experience, and I've been running XP x64 for over a year now. I ran XP x86 for two years before that... on the same machine. If anything, once you find appropriate x64 versions of your applications XP x64 running those applications can be noticeably faster. Anybody who crunches numbers with BOINC and x64-optimized client software can tell you that. I've personally noticed a 30% boost running BOINC on the same hardware simply by installing the 64-bit client. Here's a quote from Ars Technica: I'm not saying XP x64 is for everybody, but I would not discount it for the reasons given by others above.
  16. INF-based XP x86 addons with internal cabinet files are not inherently compatible with XP x64. There are a couple of ways to make existing addons compatible, but I'll outline the simpler method. First off, no changes should need to be made to the Entries*.ini file. Addons which change OS system files should not be made compatible. The binaries will not match and you'll most likely have problems. Up to three changes need to be made to the INF: All .x86 decorations must be removed. They never should have been put into addon INFs to begin with. One example is [sourceDisksNames.x86]: change it to simply [sourceDisksNames]. Second, all references to the I386 location need to be changed to AMD64. Usually the only one is in [sourceDisksNames]. Here's an example that incorporates the change above as well: [SourceDisksNames.x86] 1="Signed Theme Files","SgndThms.cab",,"i386" must be changed to [SourceDisksNames] 1="Signed Theme Files","SgndThms.cab",,"AMD64" Finally, the following values must be changed in all occurances:%ProgramFiles% to %ProgramFiles(x86)% 16422 to 16426 16427 to 16428 Note: The new values are undefined in x86 OSes. They are specific to x64, and perhaps IA64, architectures. Here's one example: WMPSkins = 16422,"Windows Media Player\Skins" must be changed to WMPSkins = 16426,"Windows Media Player\Skins" EDIT 1: LOL, I just realized that the last reply to this thread was posted last year. EDIT 2: After some digging, I found some DirIDs not defined in gosh's list. Post updated to reflect the new information.
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