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  1. MaisOui

    Bon Jour!

    So you have the heart of a poet and a good memory for lines. Very impressive! :clap: Merci, Monsieur Bold!
  2. MaisOui

    Bon Jour!

    Thanks, Luzr. :welcome: You too!
  3. MaisOui

    Bon Jour!

    Zat was, how you say, C'est magnifique, Bold! :thumbsup_anim: Actually, it sounds like you might speak about as much French as I do! But I have some friends who speak French fluently, us being on the border of Quebec, and I like to think that hanging around with them has resulted in a little of the language rubbing off on me. (Very little, unfortunately!) Hey, good to see your face! :icon_cool: Regards, MO
  4. Good to see you again, Bold!


  5. Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. Guess it could be worse. Of course, this is my work connection. At my little home in the woods (20 miles south of the Canadian border) I have dial-up with raging speeds of between 26-30k! :thumbsdown_anim:
  6. MaisOui

    Bon Jour!

    :icon_question: No, no, no, no! :icon_question: WORD PRONUNCIATION MEANING bonjour boe-joor hello bonsoir boe-swar good evening au revoir or-wa goodbye merci mare-sea thank you "You say goodbye and I'll say hello. I don't know why you say goodbye, I'll say hello" But, merci, anyway!!
  7. MaisOui

    Bon Jour!

    Hey All! I was out looking for Bold_Fortune and found your forum. Great site. :thumb_yello: Can't believe I haven't been here before! Looking forward to spending some quality time with y'all. Cheers, ~MaisOui~
  8. Hi Bold- I just wanted to add my commentary in agreement with dirtwarrior and cygnus. Love your forum and will miss it a lot. Sorry to hear you got so much flack from some quarters. Guess you just have to take it from where it comes.. sounds like they went to ugly step-sister school. :thumbsdown_anim: Hope we'll see you around! All the best! ~MaisOui~
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