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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=olyxvog82GY http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MSwktZ7lYrA
  2. Star Wars Ships http://www.deviantar...don-d4vtis7.png Sith Edition Splicons http://www.deviantart.com/download/295317402/splinter_stock___starkiller_splicons_by_dipperdon-d4vtod6.png Sith Statues 420x3000 http://www.deviantar...don-d4ostfv.png Cyanide Sarah 2400x1400 http://www.deviantar...don-d4os981.png Shooters 1800x800 http://www.deviantar...don-d4osju1.png http://www.deviantar...don-d4os856.png Splashed Set http://www.deviantar...don-d4vtkvt.png SPLEEDOS 6500X6000 http://www.deviantar...don-d4q3sqz.png Subjects Known 3200x3000 http://www.deviantar...don-d4q2wdn.png Animal SPlanime http://www.deviantar...don-d4vtkkc.png Randmo Characters 1920x1080 http://www.deviantar...don-d4os7ng.png
  3. Crowbars and Coffins Promo Stock 1400x1000 Birdboy Beatdown 3800x2300 http://www.deviantart.com/download/279704310/splinter_stock___one_with_the_crowbar_by_dipperdon-d4mj186.png Alice Edition Renders 4550c5500 http://www.deviantar...don-d4q499t.png Story Edition Sampler http://www.deviantar...don-d4vtiyb.png Stack Pack 3000x2100 http://www.deviantar...don-d4q3sh0.png
  4. DC DARLINGS - Supergirl Make sure to click the link BELOW the images in order to get the full sized imageD 5000x3000 http://www.deviantar...don-d4pfv4l.png Batgirl 4200x2600 http://www.deviantar...don-d4olrgh.png Powergirl 4000x3400 http://www.deviantar...don-d4pou10.png Wonder Woman 2000x1600 http://www.deviantar...don-d4prp0i.png
  5. I release these images under the "honor" agreement. My hope is that if you download the imagery that I spent hundreds of hours creating and give to you freely, you will simply try the 100% free and most diverse desktop development around, Splinter. At least please watch the first two video demonstrations of it in the main Splinter thread. http://www.wincert.n...an-be-anything/ The videos are below the images and the installer, about halfway down the first post. Enjoy the spli-stuff, below The super high quality render links are below each image "thumb". Click on the link BELOW THE IMAGES for up to super HI Res pics. THIS POST CONTAINS NO COPYRIGHT VIOLATIONS. ALL IMAGERY IS PROTECTED UNDER FAIR USE IN MULTIPLE AREAS. THE ART IS MY COPYRIGHT and i release it to any purpose, THE CHARACTER NAMES AND SUCH ARE COPYRIGHT OF DC DC DANGALAINGS all Joked Up http://www.deviantar...don-d4vxxej.png THE JOKE IS ON YOU http://www.deviantar...don-d4vthgo.png Batman Beyond 6500x3700 http://www.deviantar...don-d4l10js.png Joker 4500x2500 http://www.deviantart.com/download/273386228/splinter_stock___joker_____a_c__contest_promo_by_dipperdon-d4irm5w.png Red Hood 3300x1400 http://www.deviantar...don-d4j89x3.png Black Mask 4300x2200 http://www.deviantar...don-d4k1jsj.png Robin (Tim Drake) 4000x2200 http://www.deviantar...don-d4iridh.png Robin (Jason Todd) 4500x2500 http://www.deviantar...don-d4iri5r.png Riddler 2500x1800 http://www.deviantar...don-d4pwn7d.png
  6. Thanks NM. I have quite a bit more coming, later today.
  7. Splinter is the next generation desktop interface / visual medium / imagery based programming "language". It allows for any image to be placed anywhere, open to any location, and be hotlinked to anything. Below are screenshots, videos, and the 100% free direct download link. Icon-ic Edition Splinter Promo Image The 3 Branches of Splinter Icon-ic Edition Splinter Page 9 Icon-ic Edition Splinter Menu Page Arkham Edition Menu Page Splinter Features, Functionalities, and Usages Icon-ic Edition Promo Vid http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dXZkaNQX7Ho Splinter installer 32 and 64bit (only used for folder path creation. Use portable if have any issues) http://www.deviantar...don-d4qcwqt.zip Splinter Portable http://www.deviantar...don-d4p7jfq.zip Icon-ic Edition - the splinterface download http://www.deviantar...don-d4urs1h.zip
  8. Amost everything was originally rendered in 3ds Max and then edited after in Paint.NET. There are no "game" screenshots. The two bat caves, the "chancellor's suite" and the DS1 throne room are my models. All of the characters (other than star wars characters, white rabbit, and mad hatter) were "created" by me.
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