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  1. aaahw, yeh i already found out after i did the 1st world I just never had the time to finish it Thank you
  2. Does anyone also have saving problems with this game, i cant seem to save it, everytime i start it up again, i have to start over..
  3. ah this is some nice time killer
  4. Just googled Internet Time Counter: And I found this trial download for a internet counter, it can break the internet after some time, and it has some more features, you can find it HERE I havent checked it out, so maybe im completely wrong, but you can always try
  5. That tutorial is rly cool Done it a while ago too, Loved doing that tutorial makes you wanna do more of those planets Its still basic stuff though, i've seen people make a whole galaxy with stars and planets and all! thats soo cool to do! if you've got the time and skill of course
  6. Luciano


    And we are Neighbours, I am Dutch
  7. I just use a standard keyboard that I got with the computer, a Fujitsu Siemens keyboard, also my mouse is standard. Cant really complain, but probebly there are waaay better mouses and keyboards in the market, but you just type and click with it right? ^^ The Logitech keyboard looks fine in my opinion, saw that one in some store a while ago.
  8. Nice tutorial I had fun doing it Havent painted the mouth on it, bcoz i suck at those brush drawing, Also i used a bit more lightning so it looked like the "Fella" is in a spotlight thnx for making this tut, loved it
  9. Those games are really really addictive, my advice is not to look for such a game for your kid, those games are the most addictive games on the computer, I have played Runescape for a while aswell, luckily i found out that it is really addictive because some of my friends started buying all kind of things with real money, and started playing almost 24/7, thats when i thought, that i didnt want to end up like them, so i stopped. After a while some of my friends stopped playing aswell
  10. You got 25 out of 47 European countries. hmm all those countries in the east are hard to remember, and some countries that are soo small that you dont even see on the map like: Vatican City, Andorra, Monaco..
  11. I think that means im normal
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