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  1. can't find the link to donate on the forums so i did it with PayPal though the win tool kit app . the PayPal id is :


    Paid with
    You'll see "PAYPAL *WIN TOOLKIT" on your card statement.
    Transaction ID
    Sent to
    Win Toolkit
    Note to Win Toolkit
    can't find the sub link on the forums so ill donate this way .
    Purchase details
    WinToolkit Donation
  2. thanks i haven't paid any thing for MP yet and gonna cancel it i don't need it, so I'm not gonna go for the offer or brother with it, but will go back to donating on the forums like i did before just need till the first of the mouth . i hate adds ......... Thanks again for getting back with us with a solution that seems fair .
  3. after i joined www.multipass.net i still get ads on wincert it says I'm signed in with multipass why ? .
  4. toptek

    I did on  Sep 15 th of 2015 i can if you  need It again i was the one having issue i had to send you a PM and donate it manually I guess you don't remember but i did on 15th of sep . i was doing it on a year is it needed more often ? .

    1. NIM


      Aaaarrhg, ok..

      Just please send me your paypal e-mail in PM.

      Best regards and thanks again!

  5. Sent a PM with the TRan id from Paypal, wiill this donation do way with those lame adds they are so annoying . i hope so the last sub i did they never went away .
  6. wil do in the next days donate that is i mainly came to see if it's been fixed or any work arounds. TY
  7. OR can i have the Account Deleted I want the user name i 'l prove it's my account . and this site is allways very lagly for me Please don't tell me it's my PC or ISP it's not i only get lag oin this site . my ISP is verizon i have 150/150 updown etcc ..
  8. I just said i did that it say at payal there is no such subscriptions . I get this The unsubscribe button you clicked is invalid. You can find the status of all subscriptions in 'My preapproved payments'. i go to My preapproved payments I canceled the subscription it's still stuck as You cannot upgrade to another package until you cancel your recurring payments on your current subscription on this site. been that way sense last year. my adds on this site never went a way i really never got any of the subscriptions Pecks that's why i tiried to up grade, i thought my level wasn't high enough .
  9. You cannot upgrade to another package until you cancel your recurring payments on your current subscription SO i go to pay pal and paypal tells me there is no sub to delete ro stop . who do i go to have this fixed so i can renew it .
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