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  1. I am having some issues with wincert today, when I hit the fast reply button is shoots me to http://www.wincert.net/forum/qr_open and I cannot open any of the sections like Announcements General Discussion Introduction Microsoft Windows XP pretty much any section, the only way I can get in is clicking on one of the last posts ( right side of screen ) am I out to lunch or is there a problem here ?
  2. Congratulations Hope everything is well !!!
  3. I cannot seem to download from that link, possible for you to upload somewhere else ? Thank you
  4. Is it possible when folks are posting screens to list what addons msstyles they are running etc ? Rick, Sorry man MrNxDmX, I will upload the wallpaper for you because I cannot remember where I got it.
  5. So rick Only updated files in 8.1 are netid.dll.res and shell32.dll.res ? Possible upload for those two ? Thanks
  6. Thanks for pointing that out lol
  7. The easiest way I found was to use Vista Boot Pro a free program which help you get back into either OS + fix your boot loader... EDIT: Quite an old thread, for future reference maybe try it out.
  8. You would need to be more specific... Yes I have used a VAIO with Vista and no problems...
  9. I would like the snipping tool ? It was posted on another forum, said you need VAIO XP/W2K3 for it to work but is VAIO now alky could someone explain this to me ? I tried the snipping tool and it did not work...
  10. Yes that will keep the drivers...that is not really my problem.. This is what I am trying to accomplish.. say for example: I just installed Windows XP using a fresh untouched ISO. Now I want to install a whole list of drivers unattended, they are all in inf form. How can I do this ?
  11. I can easily back up the drivers and create driver packs. That's whats included in "Sull's Integration Pack" but not everyone wants to integrate the drivers right. I am looking for a method I can install all the drivers while XP is running, not in a fresh install.
  12. Hey everyone !!! Maybe some of you experts can help me out. As you can tell I own a Sony UX MicrPC, this little bugger has a huge amount of drivers & software for everything to work correctly etc. I belong to a forum dedicated to the Sony UX and I have released a few different driver & application packs for the UX, Sony likes to pack the software with model checks and the newer models come with Vista which is complete shat specially on this tiny UX, long story short. I have the following packs Windows XP - Basic driver & application pack ( no model checks ) Windows XP - Auto driver & application pack ( no model checks either ) Sull's Integration pack v1.1 ( this integrates everything into your own XP CD ) The Sony is the most finicky computer I have ever owned as far as installing drivers and software, they have to be installed in the correct order or everything does not work correctly, this can be hard when there is 30 drivers and applications, these packs I made make it a breeze. The problem I have lies within the Auto driver & application pack, this pack is for the user who does not want to mess around integrating the drivers & applications into there own Windows XP CD and does not want to use my basic pack because it takes so long to install, this pack consists of one executable which will install all the drivers & applications unattended. A bat file is executed which will install everything, now the problem is the way I try and install the drivers, what I did was back up all the drivers I needed using drivergenius and then used drivergenius to make a executable which I use a switch to run it silently, this executable with all the drivers does not always install all of the drivers, so my question is do you know of a better way I could install approx 24 drivers while Windows XP is running and I would like for it to be relatively easy + of course unattended ? EDIT: oh and all the drivers are in inf form... Hopefully I did not bore you and it all makes some sort of sence :questionmark: Thank you
  13. Thanks guys ... I put in my MicroPC specs
  14. Sorry I didn't respond in a timely manner. When I create a new virtual machine I choose "User network address translation (NAT)" and if my comp is on the internet I can access it in vmware as well, check in device manager make sure a network device is detected. This might help you as well, not sure if this is a glitch or suppose to happen because I have never had it happen before, maybe I just never tried it. I had Vista running in a VM machine and I need to get some DATA off of my external drive, I turned it on and all of a sudden it was detected in the VM machine ( Vista ) and not on my computer, now I don't know if this was because of Vista or not.. I had to turn the VM machine off to get it to detect on my computer again. Who knows I may have never hooked up an external drive when a VM machine is running. Worth a shot right, maybe someone could enlighten me... PS. how did you get that show your computer specs in your sig ? :icon_cool:
  15. A nLite section, very cool !!! I am sure most of you know nuhi has released a new beta with some fixes. I tested a few of those items already and all looks good.
  16. I feel your pain, I actually just fixed mine. it was freezing at T- 13, just now I was trying to remember what it was but for the life of me can't remember. This is how I do it. 1) fresh source files. 2) I place $OEM$ folder into source, this has a lot of silent installers for my sony, tweaks etc etc. 3) Integrate SP3. 4) Integrate Media Player 11. 5) Run nLite, add IE7 all my adds - huge list, cut out components, unattended, tweaks etc. 6) Integrate driver packs. 7) Integrate Speedup 8) Run V'ISO 9) Run RunBox patcher. Create ISO and test. I while ago I switched over and started using the IE7 add named "NonnoFabio_IE7AddOn_1.9.0_ENU.cab" I found the other one was breaking RunOnceEX and I use that to execute a lot of my Sony Software executables.
  17. DMHolt57, What gadgets are you running, I need some cooler ones.. Here is my desk. Just got Windows Sidebar installed, so new to me !!!
  18. I appreciate that you uploaded this but honestly I don't feel like messing around with all those steps lol just to see what it looks like and then change back to a less buggy theme right. I said screw it and just applied it, from what I can see the start button/orb looks very nice, that is all I can really say at this time. I am looking forward to trying a "fixed" version. EDIT: send me those fonts and maybe I can try it... :thumbsup_anim:
  19. JurgenDoe I say. I just got Windows Sidebar installed and I am curious what those gadgets are called ? I voted
  20. The start menu looks nice, not really a fan of those buttons but I would like to see the whole package let us know...
  21. Rhor, Good work buddy !!! Is that theme a msstyle, if so is it possible for you to link me to it. I like what you have done with winntbbu.dll to bad I use classic installation, the logon looks good I might have to give it a try but I do not like the boot/shutdown dialogs... Those are some funky looking icons, did you make them yourself ? Thanks
  22. This is the new look...? Happy to see wincert is back online thanks for keeping us updated.
  23. Well one of the last releases of V'ISO has that more Vista like file transfer window, though the button to view the files does not work, also an older version has a different window which shows the file name all the time. Have you heard of the program TeraCopy, it may solve your file transferring issues...
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