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  1. Sure I can do that, but I do not want to reinstall Windows right now .. I am most likely not going to update my CD until SP3 final is out. Must be some way I can just patch the new shell32.dll ? EDIT: Whoops nvm I was being a dummy, yes that will work .. just a bit of work ..grrr
  2. Can someone please help a guy out ? A new update from Microsoft killed all my icons, KB943460 it updated shell32.dll a rather large icon file and xpsp3res.dll. The easiest way I knew how to patch it was grab an untouched XP CD delete the old shell32.dll and xpxp3res.dll, I compressed the new files by the command makecab and ran V'ISO_Beta5.exe, now when I check the file using reshack none of the icons have changed .. I have done this process more than once with no luck NEW shell32.dll v6.0.2900.3241 Old shell32.dll v6.0.2900.3051 Thank you
  3. VTP 8 is out, any cool icons you could use ?? BTW I am just loving all these Icons etc :thumbsup_anim:
  4. Beta 5 just centers the avi file, spaces on both sides now .. I am not to worried about it, I just removed the avi .. I tried beta 5 seems to be great .. Thanks again
  5. Great ! I do like the current transfer window, though the new one looks nice as well. I do have a problem, when I turn up the DPI setting on my micropc the avi .. vista's file transfer.. it only stretches approx 3/4 across the window, do you how I could fix this ? Thanks, I will try out beta 5 soon
  6. Now I am wondering why do you get these messages in setuperr.log imgutil.dll, inetcpl.cpl, inseng.dll, mshtml.dll, msrating.dll, pngfilt.dll, webcheck.dll, I see you said "we're working on it" well have you found anything ? Sull
  7. Which file deals with this window ?? PIC I am on a micro PC and I have the DPI higher than windows default, hence the messed up window. Do you have any idea's how I would fix this ? does that Vista animation change sizes in Vista when the DPI is changed .. I will see Sull
  8. Hello again, Which file contains this picture ? HERE it is not a big deal, but if I can fix .. great !! Question, Is this going to stay a beta ? Sull
  9. I just thought I would mention this because I am not sure if it is suppose to happen, well when patching files it says invalid parameter, type modify PE to get help Just letting you know Take care Sull PS. I am really loving this work you have done, a gripe I do have, I will post later.
  10. Thank you !! Do you have a change list from each beta or is it just 1 or 2 bugs ? Sull
  11. Great pack !!! I probably would have to say this is the best one I have seen so far, I edit where needed for personal preference. I am just curious did you fix this major bug in beta 3 Thanks Sull
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